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Borgen (22:30)

Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen).

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Borgen characters

Birgitte is no longer prime minister, but has become a highly-paid speaker with several important board positions in the business world, which also leads to a lot of travel. Her new life, and in particular her high income, has changed both her style of dress and her home. She now lives in a large apartment on the waterfront with her children Laura and Magnus. In her private life, she is still divorced, but her relationship with Phillip has improved. Birgitte has also begun a relationship with an English architect, whom she mainly meets on her many trips abroad in her official capacity. He has not met her children, and she keeps that part of her life very separate from her everyday life in Denmark. Birgitte was unable to hold onto the post of prime minister and keep her government in office after the election that she called two and a half years ago. She resigned as prime minister, and chose at the same time to resign as party leader of the Moderates - and left the political world. And this is where we meet her now: a successful, celebrated ex-prime minister who is concentrating on her new life in business.

Borgen (21:30)

Katrine is still a TV journalist and is now a permanent anchor on TV1 News. She is the station's most popular face on the screen. She has had a baby boy, Gustav, with Kasper, but she and Kasper have split up. As a single mother, Katherine has brought her own mother more into her life, so that she can help with Gustav. She is still very affected by the break-up with Kasper, and has not even begun to look for a new boyfriend. At work, on the other hand, Katrine has really discovered her own worth, which she does not fail to underline once in a while. When Birgitte Nyborg decides to try to fight her way back into Danish politics, she offers Katrine the position of press secretary, and this is a challenge Katrine cannot turn down.

Borgen (21:30)

Torben is the solid and successful head of TV1 News, and has reasonably good control of his department and his staff. The strong news team still consists of Ulrik, Katrine, Hanne, Dan and Pia. Torben is due for a promotion, because the management of TV1 wishes to introduce a restructuring of the entire television station. As a result, Torben acquires a new boss, who certainly does not make life easier for him. The values in the news broadcasts are to be revised, which causes Torben some anguish. Torben co-operates ever more closely with Pia in the fight to tackle the new boss.

Borgen (20:20)

Kasper came strengthened out of his time as Birgitte Nyborg's tough spin doctor. Shortly after Birgitte's departure as prime minister, he received an offer from TV1 to host his own programme, in which he comments on the political situation in Denmark together with TV1's news director, Torben Friis. The programme is called "Juul and Friis" and has become very popular. Kasper lives alone, but takes his role as father to little Gustav seriously, and he co-operates closely and equally with Katrine to look after their son in everyday life.

Borgen (23:30)

Phillip has stopped teaching at Copenhagen Business School; he has become vice-president of a major Danish investment bank, and travels a lot. He is seeing the doctor, Cecilie, again. He and Birgitte divide looking after the children between them, and have a good working relationship and friendship.

Borgen (21:30)

Birgitte and Phillip's children have now also become "accustomed" to their parents' divorce. Both Laura and Magnus are doing well in school. Laura is attending upper secondary school and has got over her period of extreme anxiety. It has matured her a lot, and she seems happy and well-balanced. Magnus, as the youngest, was spoiled a bit during the divorce, which has begun to affect him. The relatively large sums of money that both Phillip and Birgitte are now earning has had an effect on his habits and behaviour. He enjoys many gifts and a great degree of freedom, as both his parents travel a lot.

Borgen (22:30)

Jeremy is an English architect with an international reputation. Birgitte Nyborg met him in connection with her board work for a major Danish pharmaceutical company, which wished to have a new headquarters built in Hong Kong. It is a relationship that Birgitte is very discreet about. Jeremy is a man with a tolerant personality and a good sense of humour. He is well informed about international affairs, and has a great appetite for everything that life has to offer. Jeremy lives in London. He has been married before, but was divorced 4-5 years ago, and has two teenage children.

Borgen (23:30)

Ulrik continues to work at TV1 News, where he shares the anchor role on the major news broadcasts with Katrine. He feels the competitive relationship more strongly than Katrine does. Performance is very important in Ulrik's life, so when Katrine leaves TV1 it is a career boost for him to be able to place himself firmly in the chair as the station's leading news anchor. Ulrik enjoys a basically good relationship with his boss, Torben Friis. We sense, however, that the news anchors wield significant power at the station, to the extent that many editorial decisions require their blessing. Ulrik is single and has a reputation for being a womaniser, which he does not particularly mind.

Borgen (21:30)

Hanne still works at TV1 as a political journalist. She fights for her journalistic integrity, which sometimes brings her into conflict with the new management style of TV1. She has a good, close relationship with Katrine after their long-standing co-operation, and the respect is mutual. Hanne represents the old school of journalism and does not like the extreme focus on viewing figures, "storytelling" and entertainment value in the daily news. Ulrik therefore often sees Hanne as a relic of the past, although her journalistic standard is impeccable.


Pia still works as a skilled editor at TV1 News. She is popular and has developed a soft spot for Torben. Pia cherishes her professionalism and must sometimes do battle with Torben concerning the new style imposed on the editors under pressure from the station's new programme director, Alex Hjort. Pia has never had much of a private life. She is a good girl scout on the editorial team, and is too often more married to the job than to anything else. Torben, as the boss, is not ashamed to exploit such a hard worker; Pia is often the last to go home, and takes the late or unpopular shifts. Pia still dreams of meeting her true love, which is difficult to do when you primarily experience the world through 20 television monitors in a control room at TV1.

Borgen (21:30)

Alex is the new programme director at TV1. He is a man of a quite different character than was otherwise previously typical of a large, primarily journalism-driven media outlet like TV1. He is a very modern-minded man, and - at least on the surface - goes in for a flat organisation structure at the workplace. He works a lot with "story-telling" and on branding his new philosophy for TV1. Alex is not yet 35, and wears young, casual and fashionable clothes. He exudes energy and youth, and has an easy time with women. Alex is a product of the modern management culture, and is very commercially-minded. He sees TV as a product, and the relationship to the viewers as a customer relationship. For the same reasons, Alex also perceives Torben's old public service vision of journalism as deeply anachronistic and backward-looking.

Borgen (22:30)

Erik is vice-chairman of the New Right party. He is a smart gentleman, wears a navy blue suit, and is very dedicated and loyal. Erik has a past in the military, and later trained as a lawyer. Surprisingly to many people, he is married to a woman from Tanzania, who is also a lawyer. Together, they have a son. Erik has a subtle, very personal and often bone-dry humour that pops up when you least expect it.


Jon is a member of parliament for the Moderates and enjoys a relatively influential position in the party. He was one of Birgitte Nyborg's younger ministers in the government. He is a declared homosexual, and has a completely relaxed and open attitude to his sexuality. Jon has his own informal and casual dress style. As a person, however, Jon is anything but relaxed. He is very well-educated, which sometimes finds expression in a certain academic haughtiness. In his private life he lives in an almost 1950s-style bourgeois couple relationship.

Borgen (23:30)

Nete is a young Moderate politician and a member of parliament. She loves Birgitte Nyborg and has always been one of her big fans. She is a hard-working girl, with a sometimes slightly naive personality, which can however in no way be construed as stupidity. Nete is not a "natural" Moderate and is not in with the best. She was born and raised south of Copenhagen, and knows a side of Denmark that is somewhat different to that familiar to many of the well-heeled old cultural radicals. She has no boyfriend at the moment.


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Borgen synopsis season 3

We meet a very different Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) in the third season than the person we last saw speaking from the lectern in parliament.


Borgen synopsis season 2

A castle imprisons and excludes; it also protects. A castle is itself a symbol of power. GOVERNMENT is also the story of a castle that houses - in addition to the body of parliament - a self-contained universe with its own laws and unwritten rules


Borgen synopsis season 1

GOVERNMENT is a drama series about the political power play in Denmark today, and about the personal costs and consequences for the players - both on and off the political stage.





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