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Lykketoft gets top job at UN

27. nov. 2014 14:05English

Next year, a Dane will occupy one of the top positions at the UN when Mogens Lykketoft (SocDem) becomes President of the General Assembly.


Huge deficit the focus in Greenland

27. nov. 2014 14:04English

The election campaign in Greenland found a new key issue yesterday when it emerged that the Greenlandic economy is worse off than previously assumed.


School-parent communication souring

27. nov. 2014 14:02English

Vamdrup School south-west of Kolding is to introduce guidelines on how the school and parents should communicate with one another.


Gang register backfiring

27. nov. 2014 14:00English

The police register of individuals with gang connections is backfiring in one important respect.


Rare Stone Age axe found at Rødbyhavn

27. nov. 2014 13:59English

Archaeologists have made a remarkable find in the excavations for the future Fehmarn Belt Link – a Stone Age axe with a well-preserved wooden handle.


Hate on the streets: Would you act?

27. nov. 2014 13:57English

“You’re a fucking disgrace. You’re so gonna get it. I’m gonna smash your face in ,” a man shouts at his girlfriend on the street. Would you intervene?


Eritrean asylum cases to be resumed

26. nov. 2014 13:59English

The Danish Immigration Service is set to resume the numerous cases of asylum seekers from the East African country of Eritrea.


Qvortrup joins MetroXpress

26. nov. 2014 13:44English

Henrik Qvortrup, former editor-in-chief of Se & Hør, has a new job working for the Danish edition of free daily newspaper MetroXpress.


VAT rules hamper surplus food shop

26. nov. 2014 13:42English

Imagine saving money on your groceries while at the same time supporting the world’s poorest people – DanChurchAid is aiming to make that a reality.


Teachers and parents struggling to talk

26. nov. 2014 13:40English

Many parents are struggling to communicate appropriately with teachers about their children’s schooling.


End to inflated grade requirements

25. nov. 2014 13:51English

The ‘Quality Commission’ on higher education believes there has been an artificially inflated focus on grades for admission to higher education.


Red-Greens may not support DR Orchestra

25. nov. 2014 13:49English

A cross-party group will meet with the Minister for Culture today to discuss the fate of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra.


Danes see foreign workers as wage threat

25. nov. 2014 13:45English

Many Danes believe that persons without Danish citizenship working in Denmark represent a threat to wages and working conditions.


Cutting heating bills in rural areas

25. nov. 2014 13:43English

A number of heating customers in rural areas of Denmark may be able to save thousands of kroner in heating bills.


Lundbeck CEO leaves under a cloud

25. nov. 2014 13:41English

The pharmaceutical company, Lundbeck has announced that its CEO Ulf Wiinberg is leaving the company with immediate effect.


More foreigners employed in Denmark

24. nov. 2014 13:49English

The foreign workforce in Denmark is growing in all areas, but especially in the industrial, cleaning, transport, hotel and restaurant sectors.


51 bomb threats in Denmark

24. nov. 2014 13:47English

Since last summer, the police have received 51 bomb threats in different locations in Denmark.


Post Danmark to axe 400 jobs

24. nov. 2014 13:46English

Post Danmark is to announce redundancies today after its parent company, Post Nord, announced major losses.


Arla increase security after shooting

24. nov. 2014 13:43English

A Danish employee of dairy giant Arla has been shot by an unknown gunman on the streets of Riyadh, the Saudi Arabian capital.


No to Roma and Chechens

24. nov. 2014 13:42English

Roma and Chechen refugees are unwanted by some local authorities.


Obama tackles immigration

21. nov. 2014 13:47English

US President Barack Obama sets out to tackle an immigration system that obliges thousands of people to live as illegal immigrants in the USA.


Local police in ghetto areas

21. nov. 2014 13:45English

A new proposal by the Conservatives would like to see more local police stations and more local police officers in ghetto areas.


Christmas spending region by region

21. nov. 2014 13:44English

A new survey reveals that Christmas spending is highest in northern Jutland and lowest on Zealand


Natural sciences popular

21. nov. 2014 13:42English

A new report shows that an increasing number of young people are choosing to study the natural sciences.


Indiscriminate telephone monitoring

21. nov. 2014 13:40English

The Ministry of Defence can, without further consultation, use a special rule that allows the monitoring of private telephone calls and communication.


Thousands flocking to war in Syria

20. nov. 2014 13:51English

As many as 17,000 people from 81 countries have travelled to Syria to fight for Islamic State against the ruling regime in the bloody civil war.


Ruling due on historic smoking case

20. nov. 2014 13:49English

The Supreme Court will today deliver its ruling in the historic case between Scandinavian Tobacco Group and former smoker Allan Lykke Jensen.


Boys need pre-upper-secondary support

20. nov. 2014 13:47English

From 1 December, study advisers will be offering support to pupils not yet ready for upper-secondary education, a majority of whom will be boys.


Premature birth issue for Denmark

20. nov. 2014 13:46English

It appears that Denmark has a different philosophy to its Scandinavian neighbours when it comes to maintaining life in premature babies.


SSI: DAMD collecting illegal data

20. nov. 2014 13:44English

The DAMD general practice database has been collecting illegal data on Danish citizens’ health issues, asserts a report by Statens Serum Institut.


Leading bankers trial begins today

19. nov. 2014 13:54English

At 10:00 am today, many leading bankers will be standing before the District Court in Hjørring accused of serious economic crimes.


Fewer parents choose after-school clubs

19. nov. 2014 13:53English

Many parents are choosing not to send their children to SFO - the organised pre and after-school provision.


Drug money laundered in Copenhagen

19. nov. 2014 13:49English

Copenhagen City Police have arrested three men suspected of having laundered money from the sale of cannabis.


Illegal migrants harvest in Italy

19. nov. 2014 13:47English

A new report published today suggests that Christmas clementines may have been harvested by illegal migrant workers in Italy.


Grundfos fires 405 employees

19. nov. 2014 13:45English

The pump manufacturer Grundfos plans to fire 405 employees globally. I33 of these will be in Denmark.


Pension funds invest in fossil fuels

18. nov. 2014 14:04English

A new WWF report reveals that Danish pension funds still invest heavily in fossil fuels and are not good enough at investing in green energy.


Listeria threat in Copenhagen schools

18. nov. 2014 14:02English

The City of Copenhagen has warned that 3,000 schoolchildren could be at risk of being infected with listeria through their school meals.


Bird flu threat level increased

18. nov. 2014 14:01English

The DVFA has increased the threat level for Denmark, following the discovery of bird flu in the UK, Holland and Germany.


Support for Iraq intervention falters

18. nov. 2014 13:59English

The Socialist People’s Party believes that Danish intervention in Iraq may be doing more harm than good.


‘Assembly line’ mental health tre

18. nov. 2014 13:57English

Mental health workers are protesting against what they are calling an ‘assembly line’ mentality in psychiatric outpatient clinics.


Cameron warns of new financial crisis

17. nov. 2014 12:55English

Following the G20 Summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron issued a stark message that a second global economic crisis could be looming.


More support for action against IS

17. nov. 2014 12:54English

Danes support increased military action against the Islamic State.


Passport scanners will help police

17. nov. 2014 12:52English

New passport scanners at Copenhagen Airport will allow passport control police to concentrate on catching illegal immigrants and criminals.


Extra tax rebate for cheap housing

17. nov. 2014 12:48English

An extra tax relief of 2.5 per cent is to be introduced for owners of the least valuable houses due to problems with a new property valuation system.


More families in need this Christmas

17. nov. 2014 12:46English

For the third year in succession, the Danish Red Cross is experiencing a rise in the number of families needing help at Christmas.


Malthe Thomsen trial dropped

14. nov. 2014 13:10English

Yesterday evening Danish time, an extremely emotional Malthe Thomsen was able to leave a New York court as a free man.


Robots assist in the classroom

14. nov. 2014 13:09English

In a number of classrooms across the country, the teacher has been supplemented with a small humanoid robot that can see, speak, listen and move.


Løkke favours gender-segregated lessons

14. nov. 2014 13:07English

Lars Løkke Rasmussen wants to see more gender-segregated lessons for boys who find it hard to sit still and listen to what the teacher is saying.


More women denied breast screening

14. nov. 2014 13:06English

Since 2012, thousands of women in the Capital Region of Denmark have mistakenly been denied breast cancer screening.


Red budget kickstarts election campaign

14. nov. 2014 13:04English

DR’s political analyst Bjarne Steensbeck believes the budget has made it perfectly clear that the government has already begun its election campaign.


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