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Denmark to join NATO missile shield

22. aug. 2014 13:50English

Denmark is to become part of the NATO missile defence shield and will equip one or more navy frigates with special radar.


Tulip withdraws listeria meat

22. aug. 2014 13:47English

The Tulip Food Company has recalled three different products from Danish supermarket shelves after traces of listeria were found in a batch in Sweden.


IT systems create Job Centre problems

22. aug. 2014 13:44English

IT systems in Job Centres are preventing EU citizens from looking for work in Denmark.


Government grant practice criticised

22. aug. 2014 13:42English

Many government ministries are allowing civil servants to award grants from closed state funds in contravention of good administrative practice.


Red-Greens challenge economic inequality

22. aug. 2014 13:40English

The Red-Green Party wants economic inequality on the agenda in the Budget.


More disruption from Metro works

21. aug. 2014 14:15English

Copenhagen Metro's City Circle Line is likely to be delayed by seven months and neighbours to the site are angry that the disruption will continue.


Billion DKK package for chronically ill

21. aug. 2014 14:13English

New health care package will intensify support for the chronically ill and cancer patients.


Liberals would not change benefit system

21. aug. 2014 14:10English

Liberals say social welfare reform works and they would not change it following a general election.


Reasons for course drop outs vary

21. aug. 2014 14:07English

A new study by the Rockwool Foundation shows that almost half the students that start vocational courses never finish them.


Aller data investigation dropped

21. aug. 2014 14:05English

The Data Protection Agency has been forced to drop its case against Aller Media, owners of Se & Hør.


Thorning rejects benefit revisions

20. aug. 2014 14:17English

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt sees no need for further changes in the unemployment benefit system.


Region to cover most of Eurovision debt

20. aug. 2014 14:14English

The Capital Region of Denmark’s regional council is giving a DKK 46m grant to Wonderful Copenhagen.


Three Danish films in Oscar race

20. aug. 2014 14:11English

Three Danish films are in the running for a prestigious Oscar next year.


Resistant swine bacterium spreading

20. aug. 2014 14:07English

In July, 105 people were diagnosed as infected with the multi-resistant swine bacterium MRSA CC398.


51 evacuated after Metro landslide

20. aug. 2014 14:04English

Up to 51 people were evacuated due to a subterranean landslide at a Metro construction site.


Deduction for union dues to double

19. aug. 2014 13:24English

The SocDem-SocLib state budget proposal includes a doubling of the deduction for union dues.


More lose benefit than expected

19. aug. 2014 13:21English

The number of people who lost eligibility for unemployment benefit this year is much higher than expected.


Minister criticises ban proposal

19. aug. 2014 13:17English

Minister for Social Affairs and Integration, Manu Sareen finds Pia Kjærsgaard’s headscarf ban proposal astonishing.


Immigration more important to the right

19. aug. 2014 13:13English

Blue block voters rank immigration as a top issue much more than red block voters.


CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen resigns

18. aug. 2014 13:39English

After suffering a loss of DKK 58 million following the Eurovision Song Contest, Mikkel Metz Mørch, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, has resigned.


More jobs for vocationally trained

18. aug. 2014 13:36English

A new study shows that unemployment among young people with vocational training has fallen for the first time in six years.


Thorning popular, but not her policies

18. aug. 2014 13:32English

A new opinion poll shows that although Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt is popular with voters, her policies are not.


Listeria report criticises govt agency

18. aug. 2014 13:29English

A new report critical of the Danish Veterinary & Food Administration reveals that the dangerous listeria bacteria may have caused up to 12 deaths.


Denmark to back US in Iraq

15. aug. 2014 14:33English

The Prime Minister’s Office has told DR News that the Danish government is ready to contribute to the US operations in Northern Iraq.


Conservatives propose ‘safety package’

15. aug. 2014 14:31English

Conservatives propose ‘safety package’ at annual summer group meeting.


Fewer gang members in Copenhagen

15. aug. 2014 14:27English

There are now more gang members behind bars than on the streets of Inner Nørrebro in Copenhagen, say police.


Football strike avoided

15. aug. 2014 14:22English

The Danish Football Association, Divisionsforeningen, has finally reached a satisfactory wage settlement, thus avoiding a strike by Danish Premier League players.


Manure spreading shocks SocDems

15. aug. 2014 14:20English

Proposal to spread more manure is contrary to all scientific principles, say SocDems.


Bendtner signs with Wolfsburg

15. aug. 2014 14:17English

Nicklas Bendtner is to continue his career in the German Bundesliga with Wolfsburg.


Danish supermarkets on listeria list

14. aug. 2014 13:49English

The number of food retailers on the DVFA list of those that may have sold sliced meat products infected with listeria grows.


Government wants early cancer diagnosis

14. aug. 2014 13:45English

According to an internal government working paper, to which DR News has had access, earlier cancer diagnosis would save many lives.


Increase in Eritrean asylum seekers

14. aug. 2014 13:42English

Sharp increase in numbers of Eritrean asylum seekers.


Eurovision loan interest controversy

14. aug. 2014 13:38English

Capital Region politicians question the level of interest being paid on DR’s loan to Wonderful Copenhagen in connection with the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.


12 Danes dead from food bacteria

13. aug. 2014 13:23English

An outbreak of listeria responsible for 12 deaths has been traced to the source.


Mobile customers cheating themselves

13. aug. 2014 13:13English

Consumers risk cheating themselves when choosing a mobile phone subscription.


Six girls burned in physics class

13. aug. 2014 13:05English

Six students suffered burns at a school in Vojens during a physics experiment.


“Ghost” scaring children on social media

13. aug. 2014 13:01English

Many children have been frightened by a chain letter about a ghost on social media.


School study cafes vary greatly

12. aug. 2014 12:41English

Municipal primary and lower secondary school students embarked on a new school year and Year 1 of the latest Danish school reform.


Copenhagen upholds controversial clause

12. aug. 2014 12:38English

The City of Copenhagen has upheld a controversial, 100-year-old clause on the deed of a cooperative housing association.


Football fever in Hobro

12. aug. 2014 12:35English

Hobro IK has sold out of jerseys and the club is attracting fans from all over Denmark after a sensational start.


Rohde mayoral candidate in Viborg

12. aug. 2014 12:31English

Liberal Party politician Jens Rohde is poised to run for mayor of Viborg.


SocDem mayor calls for benefits

12. aug. 2014 12:25English

Ishøj mayor Ole Bjørstorp of the Social Democrats is calling for assistance in the wake of the unemployment benefit reform.


PM back from holiday

11. aug. 2014 13:54English

Back from holiday, the PM immediately entered the immigration debate in response to the Liberal Party’s recent immigration proposals.


Man dies after bar brawl

11. aug. 2014 13:51English

A 49-year-old man has died of injuries sustained in a bar fight in Copenhagen last Wednesday night, reports Ekstra Bladet.


TDC warns about false text messages

11. aug. 2014 13:47English

If you receive a text message from a number beginning with +88, be very careful. The result can be an extra bill for up to DKK 700.


Denmark sends extra aid to Iraq

11. aug. 2014 13:41English

The government has granted DKK 2 million in acute aid for refugees fleeing the violence in Northern Iraq.


School reform could take years to work

11. aug. 2014 13:37English

When the bell rings for school this morning, children will find that school isn’t going to be quite the same.


Beeraha oo sugaya cunaqabataynta Ruushka

8. aug. 2014 13:17English

Dalka Ruushka ayaa ku hanjabay, inuu joojinayo alaabooyin ay ka mid yihiin cuntooyinka iyo waxyaabaha ka soo baxa beeraha deenishka.


Russian embargo on Danish food imports

8. aug. 2014 12:14English

In response to EU export sanctions, Russia now proposes to place its own import embargo on Danish and EU agricultural products and foods.


Obligatory homework cafes

8. aug. 2014 12:09English

Obligatory homework cafes are being introduced in spite of the new school reform saying attendance should be voluntary.


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