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Anti-radicalisation strategy revealed

19. sep. 2014 13:28English

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (SocDem) has revealed some of the elements of the government’s anti-radicalisation strategy.


Malthe Thomsen trial postponed again

19. sep. 2014 13:27English

The trial of 22-year-old Malthe Thomsen, accused of sexually violating preschool children in New York, has been postponed once again.


Denmark tops “sickness presence” table

19. sep. 2014 13:25English

Whether it be a slight fever, a runny nose or a headache, most Danes do not let sickness prevent them from fulfilling their work duties.


Minister: Ban toxic food packaging

19. sep. 2014 13:23English

A new study shows that 40 per cent of the packaging used for ordinary food products contains toxic compounds.


27-year-old charged with match-fixing

19. sep. 2014 13:22English

Copenhagen Police have charged a 27-year-old man with committing serious fraud through match-fixing.


DR to lay off 101 employees

18. sep. 2014 13:45English

On Wednesday, 101 employees at DR were given notice of redundancy.


Crisis in affordable home building

18. sep. 2014 13:43English

Increasingly, parents are buying homes for their children, thereby driving up prices and making it hard for many people to get an urban apartment.


Prosecutor: Killing of lawyer planned

18. sep. 2014 13:42English

The killing of a 57-year-old family lawyer had been planned the day before, prosecutor Martin Stassen has told Frederiksberg District Court.


20-year high in asylum seeking

18. sep. 2014 13:40English

In recent months, so many new asylum seekers have arrived in Denmark that the police have a backlog of hundreds of unregistered cases.


Match-fixing convention arrives

18. sep. 2014 13:38English

A new international convention on match fixing in sport comes into operation today.


Grandfather admits shooting

17. sep. 2014 13:55English

A 67-year-old grandfather fired six shots at the Bailiff’s Court in Copenhagen, killing a 57-year-old lawyer and wounding his 31-year-old client.


Concerns over morphine plasters

17. sep. 2014 13:54English

Errors are rife in the use of morphine plasters at nursing homes, old people’s homes and other municipal institutions.


A future of home hospital services

17. sep. 2014 13:52English

Hospital services of the future may well be extended to the patient’s home, as illustrated by two pilot projects initiated by Rigshospitalet.


DK criticised by anti-torture committee

17. sep. 2014 13:50English

It appears there has been no progress towards achieving the Danish government’s goal of halving the use of force in psychiatry by 2020.


Housing estate crime falls

17. sep. 2014 13:49English

Crime and vandalism on Copenhagen’s hard-pressed housing estates have fallen as a result of changes in the rules for letting apartments.


Danish experts help fight Ebola

16. sep. 2014 13:56English

Four experts from the Danish Emergency Management Agency have been sent to Liberia in support of UN efforts to combat the deadly Ebola virus.


Senior managers leave Health Agency

16. sep. 2014 13:52English

The Danish Health and Medicines Agency has announced comprehensive plans for restructuring.


TDC buys Norwegian cable TV company

16. sep. 2014 13:49English

TDC has announced that it has bought the Norwegian cable TV company Get A/S for DKK 12.5 billion.


Possible cutbacks in children’s sector

16. sep. 2014 13:47English

Local authority budgets may result in significant cutbacks in children’s services.


SocDems triumph in Swedish election

15. sep. 2014 14:05English

The Social Democrats have won the Swedish General Election and Sweden has a new Prime Minister, party leader Stefan Löfven.


Tougher approach to youth crime

15. sep. 2014 14:02English

The Liberals, Conservatives, Danish People’s Party and the Liberal Alliance have joined forces in a series of new initiatives to combat youth criminality.


Government toughens up on faith groups

15. sep. 2014 14:00English

Faith groups to be subject to legislation.


Record numbers of asylum seekers

15. sep. 2014 13:49English

There are currently more asylum seekers arriving in Denmark than at any time over the last 20 years.


Government may confiscate passports

12. sep. 2014 14:23English

Part of the government’s anti-radicalisation plan may be to confiscate the passports of those who are considering fighting in Syria.


Low turnout for school homework cafes

12. sep. 2014 14:21English

Danish schools’ new initiative to offer homework help for pupils during school time has not proved as popular as had been hoped.


Property tax increases on the way

12. sep. 2014 14:19English

Many Danes can look forward to tax increases when a new database system for calculating property price assessments is put into use from 2017.


Five per cent deposit for house buyers

12. sep. 2014 14:13English

The Danish FSA is proposing a five per cent deposit for prospective homeowners.


Easy to break into Danish homes

12. sep. 2014 14:11English

Danes are not as good as other countries at protecting their homes against burglary.


No property revaluations until 2017

11. sep. 2014 13:03English

The country’s homeowners may have to wait even longer before they find out what their homes are actually worth.


Legal battle over shelves finally ends

11. sep. 2014 13:02English

A dispute about shelves between two rival furniture companies has finally been settled after a nine-year battle in the Danish courts.


Antorini backs break-time innovations

11. sep. 2014 13:00English

Minister for Education Christine Antorini (SocDem) believes that schools should be free to innovate with break-times.


Vestager EU appointment confirmed

11. sep. 2014 12:58English

It was yesterday confirmed that Margrethe Vestager has been appointed as the new EU Commissioner for Competition.


Entrepreneurial optimism abounds

11. sep. 2014 12:56English

A new survey has found that 80 per cent of entrepreneurs have a positive outlook on the future.


15 Danish extremist groups identified

10. sep. 2014 13:12English

Denmark is home to 15 extremist groups, according to a long-awaited report just published by SFI - the Danish National Centre for Social Research.


Extremists recruiting through internet

10. sep. 2014 13:10English

A new report by SFI - the Danish National Centre for Social Research has shed light on how extremist groups in Denmark recruit new members.


Vestager’s new role important for DK

10. sep. 2014 13:08English

Margrethe Vestager is set to be unveiled as the EU's new competition commissioner, a significant position for Denmark.


Adults not setting cycle helmet example

10. sep. 2014 13:06English

Only one in four cyclists aged 26 to 60 wears a helmet, putting themselves at risk, but also passing on their bad habit to the next generation.


Immigration: a Swede’s eye view

9. sep. 2014 13:58English

DR News’ European correspondent has examined the difference in the way Danes and Swedes accept immigration.


Cutbacks may cost 200 DR jobs

9. sep. 2014 13:56English

DR may lose between 170 and 200 jobs in the current round of cutbacks.


Haircut price to be decided in court

9. sep. 2014 13:53English

It is up to the High Court to decide the extent to which the country’s hairdressers may charge different prices for cutting men’s or women’s hair.


Danish Muslims condemn Islamic State

9. sep. 2014 13:51English

A strong statement from the Danish Muslim Union distances Danish Muslims from the extremist organisation, the Islamic State.


Govt accedes to EU pressure on PSO levy

8. sep. 2014 13:54English

In a surprising about-face, the Danish government has now decided to negotiate with the European Commission to change the PSO energy subsidy system.


Police to imams: reject Islamic State

8. sep. 2014 13:52English

Police chiefs reach out to imams and Muslim organisations to reject the Islamic State and dissuade young Muslims from travelling to fight in Syria.


Loss of confidence in Tax Authority

8. sep. 2014 13:51English

The recent scandals and aggressive methods have resulted in a loss of confidence in the Danish Taxation Authority, SKAT.


Downpour causes severe flooding

8. sep. 2014 13:49English

A sudden downpour has flooded parts of West Jutland with rainfall levels that have shocked even the emergency services.


SSP questions calls to close mosque

5. sep. 2014 13:21English

SSP has questioned calls from the Conservatives and the Liberal Alliance for the controversial Grimhøj Mosque to be closed.


Benefit reform hits “grey gold” hardest

5. sep. 2014 13:18English

Almost one in five of the 41,000 Danes who have lost their entitlement to unemployment benefit are aged 55 to 59.


18-year-old unable to obtain citizenship

5. sep. 2014 13:16English

Mehmet Cift, 18, was born and raised in Denmark, speaks Danish, studies in Ishøj and has no criminal record, but he does not have a Danish passport.


Tolerated residence dilemma

5. sep. 2014 13:15English

Twenty-one people who confess to having committed acts of violence in their home countries are living in Denmark under “tolerated residence” status.


New Viking ring fortress discovered

5. sep. 2014 13:13English

Denmark now has a fifth ring fortress from the Viking Age, following the latest discovery in a field belonging to the Vallø Stift estate west of Køge.


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