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SocDems want to replace quota system

31. jul. 2014 13:28English

The Social Democrats think that admission to higher education programmes should not be based solely on students’ overall average grades.


Liberal economic discrimination

31. jul. 2014 13:24English

A Liberal Party internal working paper proposes two levels of immigration.


FCK fans attacked in the Ukraine

31. jul. 2014 12:48English

Champions League match stopped when FCK fans were attacked by Dnipro supporters in Kiev.


Right wing rejects Israel criticism

31. jul. 2014 12:45English

Almost all the Danish right wing parties believe that Israel has done nothing wrong in the current crisis.


Little danger of Ebola in Denmark

31. jul. 2014 12:43English

There is no cause for concern that Ebola might reach Denmark, says official at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.


Record higher ed admissions

30. jul. 2014 12:15English

More than 64,000 applicants have been admitted to a higher education programme.


Another Liberal joins Støjberg criticism

30. jul. 2014 12:10English

Another prominent Liberal politician has rejected Inger Støjberg’s controversial proposal.


SocDem proposes incentive for landlords

30. jul. 2014 12:06English

Jan Johansen of the Social Democrats has proposed an initiative to increasing housing for students.


Thorning rejects criticism of Israel

30. jul. 2014 12:02English

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt rejects joining SocDem condemnation of Israel.


Liberals support prison discrimination

30. jul. 2014 11:50English

Liberals say that prison conditions for the growing number of foreign nationals in Danish prisons are far too good.


Liquid manure spill closes beach

29. jul. 2014 12:45English

The blue flag has been taken down and the beach closed in the Danish town of Vemmingbund.


Religious discrimination not permitted

29. jul. 2014 12:43English

A proposal by Inger Støjberg appears to be in direct violation of the Danish Constitution.


Record returns on pensions

29. jul. 2014 12:41English

Denmark’s three largest commercial pension funds report record first half returns.


Støjberg proposes school closures

29. jul. 2014 12:38English

Inger Støjberg has proposed closing schools where a large share of the students are children of immigrant parents.


Young officers quit military careers

28. jul. 2014 13:29English

Young officers are leaving the Danish armed forces in increasing numbers.


Are Danes drinking more soft drinks?

28. jul. 2014 13:24English

The removal of the tax on soft drinks would appear to have persuaded Danes to drink more of them.


175,000 attended Grøn Koncert this year

28. jul. 2014 13:20English

A grand total of 175,000 people attended the eight Grøn Koncert events, which took place throughout Denmark this summer.


Stricter rules for Muslims

28. jul. 2014 13:18English

Inger Støjberg of the Danish Liberal Party thinks that immigrants from non-western countries create most of Denmark’s integration problems.


High number of missing Danes

25. jul. 2014 13:23English

Joey Ravn has been missing since 25 July 2012. He disappeared on a hiking trip to the Allak area of northern Sweden.


Pay DKK 187 to retrieve your bike

25. jul. 2014 13:20English

Park your bicycle outside a private business in Copenhagen and you may find it gone by the time you return.


Norway terror threat no problem to DK

25. jul. 2014 13:10English

Information on a terrorist threat to Norway is not likely to affect PET’s assessment of any threat to Denmark.


4 out of 10 released prisoners re-offend

25. jul. 2014 12:59English

New statistics from the Prison Service show that in many instances, a prison sentence does not deter criminals from re-offending.


Dane to lead South Sudan mission

24. jul. 2014 12:47English

Ellen Margrethe Løj, 65-year-old Danish senior diplomat, has been appointed UN special envoy to South Sudan.


Breast cancer screening effective

24. jul. 2014 12:42English

Breast cancer screening effective, says new assessment of national screening campaigns.


Stinging jellyfish warning on beaches

24. jul. 2014 12:16English

Summer is here, with trips to the beach and swimming, but it can also mean stinging jellyfish in the sea.


EU should decide on flight risk

24. jul. 2014 12:13English

Danish MEP Christel Schaldemose (SocDem) believes the EU should be able to decide whether it is too dangerous to fly to specific destinations.


Divorce impacts children’s schooling

23. jul. 2014 13:32English

Nearly one in three children experience parental divorce before the age of 18, and schools are acutely aware of the impact on well-being and learning.


Payment companies reported to police

23. jul. 2014 13:29English

During the course of the summer, the Danish FSA has reported two small Copenhagen money transfer companies to the police.


Airlines suspend Tel Aviv flights

23. jul. 2014 13:26English

The airlines Norwegian and SAS have both cancelled flights from Copenhagen and Stockholm to Tel Aviv.


NorgesGruppen could drop Danish pork

23. jul. 2014 13:20English

Norway’s largest grocer is to carry out an independent review of pork imports from Denmark for fear that the meat contains harmful bacteria.


‘Temp from hell’ leaves Parliament

23. jul. 2014 13:18English

When the Danish Parliament reopens after the summer recess, it will be without Karsten Hønge of the Socialist People’s Party.


SPP: Internet for open prison inmates

22. jul. 2014 13:20English

Inmates of open prisons should have access to the internet, proposes Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt, legal affairs spokeswoman for the SPP.


Lifeguards at full stretch

22. jul. 2014 13:17English

As the good weather, high temperatures and summer holidays send Danes flocking to the coast, beach lifeguards are being kept at full stretch.


Six Danes still trapped in Gaza

22. jul. 2014 13:15English

Efforts are continuing to safely extract Danish nationals trapped in the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip.


Dane survives bear attack in Canada

22. jul. 2014 13:13English

A Danish tourist has survived an attack by a bear while on holiday in Canada.


Lidegaard: Israel has gone too far

21. jul. 2014 13:14English

Israel has the right to defend itself but is going too far, believes Minister for Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard (SocLib).


Minister for Food: Buy Danish!

21. jul. 2014 13:12English

When food is prepared in Danish homes, a higher proportion of ingredients should come from Denmark, believes Minister for Food Dan Jørgensen (SocDem).


First gay adoption from abroad

21. jul. 2014 13:10English

For the first time ever, a gay couple from Denmark has adopted a child from abroad.


SPP backs intelligence whistleblowing

21. jul. 2014 13:08English

The SPP is proposing that intelligence employees should be able to confidentially inform politicians of suspected illegal activity.


Journalists expose farms with pig MRSA

18. jul. 2014 14:34English

Danish Agriculture and Food Council think it is unfair to publish the names of pig herds infected with MRSA.


Full pay on parental leave

18. jul. 2014 14:30English

Bjarne Laustsen (SocDem) thinks there should be more opportunities for parents to work half time for full pay while their children are small.


Dong sells German wind turbine shares

18. jul. 2014 13:59English

Dong Energy has sold 50 per cent of its shares in the German wind farm Gode Wind 2 to four Danish pension funds.


Danish Jews threatened

18. jul. 2014 13:56English

Danish Jews are facing threats on social media and on the streets following the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.


Finder’s fees illegal says rent expert

18. jul. 2014 13:52English

Many house hunters are being asked to pay an illegal finder’s fee to landlords when renting a flat


EU summit ends inconclusively

17. jul. 2014 13:38English

The decision on who should fill the prestigious post as President of the European Union has been postponed until the next summit on 30 August.


Growth forces entrepreneurs abroad

17. jul. 2014 13:37English

Many Danish entrepreneurs are moving abroad.


Police may now examine Se & Hør material

17. jul. 2014 12:44English

The Supreme Court has ruled that the police may now begin examining material in connection with the Se og Hør case.


DPP local politicians leave party

17. jul. 2014 12:42English

The Danish People’s Party has had problems finding its feet in local politics.


Dane in Gaza: Serious situation

16. jul. 2014 12:38English

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rages, the emergency relief organisations are grappling with the most acute problems in the Middle East war zone.


New survey: Public sector not too big

16. jul. 2014 12:37English

56 per cent of the population do not think the Danish public sector is too big, according to a new Epinion survey.


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