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Starting July 1st, children as young as 12 years of age can be compelled to wear ankle monitors. Parliament passed the bill into law today, after a heated debate.

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Ankle monitors for 12 year olds

04. jun. 2010 15.23 English

Starting July 1st, children as young as 12 years of age can be compelled to wear ankle monitors. That way, authorities will be able to monitor whether they comply with injunctions to stay in the home, or away from problem areas.

Parliament passed the bill into law today following a heated debate, with the opposition claiming that the government and Dansk Folkeparti were in reality punishing children rather than pursue solutions through social policy.

- Calling ankle monitors social education is an absurdity, said Socialdemokratiet spokesman on social affairs Mette Fredriksen.

Özlem Sara Cekic of SF thought the correct term for the proposal was punishment policy rather than social policy. She said that children with ankle monitors would be stigmatized, not helped, by the experience.

DF: Get tough
On the other hand Martin Henriksen of Dansk Folkeparti (DF), said that ankle monitors was a good way of avoiding institutionalization of children and youths. And he emphasized that in Dansk Folkeparti's opinion, society had to get tough with troublemaking kids.

- We need to stop wrapping people up in cotton wool. Sometimes, there needs to be consequences, Martin Henriksen said.

Strengthen youth injunctions
The bill to fit children and youths with ankle monitors came from the office of Minister for Social Affairs Benedikte Kiær. The intention was to help the Danish municipalities ensure that youths and children abide by the so-called "youth injunctions".

Municipal social workers may also call in the police to help enforce the injunctions.

The law on ankle monitors for children from age 12 was passed by Parliament with 59 yeas and 50 nays.

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