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Gaddafi's property in Gentofte.


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Gaddafi property in Denmark

24. feb. 2011 13.02 English

If the Western world decides to freeze all of Gaddafi's foreign assets, the Libyan dictator will lose millions of kroner.

The controversial leader, Muammar Gaddafi, owns property in Denmark worth millions of kroner. In the metropolitan area alone, the Libyan state owns property worth almost 25 million kroner.

Large villa in Gentofte
In Jægersborg in Gentofte, the Libyan embassy is registered as the owner of a 500 square meter property on Soløsevej.

According to DR News' information, the Land Registration Court has estimated the property to be worth 14.2 million kroner.

Gaddafi's son studied in Denmark
A few years ago, Gaddafi's son, Morassim Bilal Gaddafi, lived in the million kroner house while he was studying at Copenhagen Business School. Gaddafi's son is 34 years old today and is allegedly not a permanent resident in Denmark anymore.

He started a two-year management training course in shipping and logistics in 2004, and lived in the house during his studies.

Embassy in Copenhagen
Gaddafi also owns a large property in Copenhagen. The Libyan government bought a property on Rosenvængets Hovedgade 4 in 1978.  The 464 square meter house has functioned as the Libyan embassy ever since.

According to OIS (public information server on properties in Denmark), the property is worth an estimated 10.4 million kroner.

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