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The six Danish fighters on the NATO-base in Sicily.

Foto: Thorbjørn Forsberg


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Libya accuses Denmark of leading attacks

22. mar. 2011 09.27 English

The Libyan regime has apparently launched a propaganda offensive against Denmark.

Last night the newsreader on Libyan state-television suddenly switched to English and stated that Sunday's attacks against Muammar Gaddafi's headquarters in Tripoli was commanded by Denmark, BBC reports in its live-update of the Libyan crisis. The newsreader went on to accuse Denmark of having led a 'campaign against Muslims for several years' by means of the insulting Muhammad cartoons.

Before this, the Libyan state-run news agency Jana had according to the website Afrique en ligne released a similar statement:

"The fact that Denmark which has been conducting for years a campaign against Islam and Muslims through blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammed leads the bombing reveals that this aggression is a war of the crusaders against Muslim peoples, including the Libyan people, with the aim of terrorizing Muslims and eradicating Islam."

The Danish F-16 fighters have carried out six operations so far in Libya.

Translation: Nanna Valborg Pedersen, Statsbiblioteket

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