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Odense Universitetshospital

The A&E at Odense University Hospital will close immediately if it comes under attack again.

Foto: Sonny Munk Carlsen © Scanpix


A&E under attack to close immediately

22. aug. 2012 10.22 English

The rampage by a large group of men at the A&E in Odense on Monday night is now having repercussions for the residents of Funen, writes local newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende.

A 26-year-old man with two gunshot wounds and several knife wounds to his legs was being treated in one of the wards as the staff were told to save themselves and leave the patients. The A&E in Odense was shut and locked for two hours because of the many people rampaging through the buildings in anger and frustration over a shooting at the Eid celebrations in the Vollsmose district.

All over Funen people who had been referred to the A&E by on-call doctors were called and told to drive to Svendborg or Kolding instead.

First time a hospital in Denmark has come under attack
"This is the first time in Denmark's history that a hospital has been under attack, and we will close the A&E the instant that we admit patients who are party to such a conflict," says Michael Hansen-Nord, chief senior doctor at the A&E department. He stresses that it is the police who decide whether or not the A&E should close.

Not that sort of society
Region of Southern Denmark chairman Carl Holst believes that it may be right to close the A&E: "But I don't want to live in a society where there is a sign outside the A&E saying 'Closed due to shooting victim'. That's not a health service I want to see," says Carl Holst to Fyens Stiftstidende.

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