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Tom Behnke

Tom Behnke

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Anger at Muslim Christmas tree veto

08. nov. 2012 13.45 English

A Muslim-majority housing association board that refused to provide funding for a Christmas tree has come under fire from the Conservative Party.

Tom Behnke, the Conservative citizenship spokesman, is furious that a majority on the board of the Egedalsvænge housing association in Kokkedal have refused to spend DKK 5,000-7,000 on the traditional Christmas tree with lights.

Earlier in the year, the same majority donated DKK 60,000 for a large Eid party with bouncy castles and climbing walls.

"I think it's deeply alarming that our integration efforts are so ineffective that the moment there is a Muslim majority, we do away with good-old Danish traditions and introduce Muslim traditions instead," said Behnke.

We're living in Denmark
Behnke believes that the Muslim majority in the housing complex has misunderstood something.

"We're living in Denmark, and people have to adapt to the situation that applies here," he said.

When asked whether housing associations with a Muslim minority should sponsor an Eid party, Behnke replied:

"We have to remember that in the past, an Eid festival was the Muslims' victory celebration after they had slaughtered the Christians, so I don't know how much there is to celebrate in Denmark. Still, people should be allowed to celebrate whatever festivals they want to, but they also must respect the festivals in the country they've come to."

"Respect Danish traditions"
Behnke fears that some people are trying to convert Denmark into a Muslim country.

"There's no point in wanting to convert Denmark into a Muslim country because you yourself have a Muslim background. That must never happen. On the contrary, we must have mutual respect for one another. This is a lack of respect for Danish traditions and culture. We must not have a Denmark where Danish traditions disappear as soon as there is a Muslim majority," said Behnke.

Behnke said that he felt sorry for the minority on the Egedalsvænge estate, who for the first time in many years would not be getting a Christmas tree.

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