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Trials have been made to grow genetically modified corn in Denmark, but these have been discontinued, due to poor results and resistance from consumers.


GMO-crops are history in Denmark

29. maj 2013 13.09 English

Genetically modified crops have been subject to fierce criticism on many fronts, and it seems the objections have not been in vain.

The company Monsanto has been in the process of testing the possibilities of producing different GMO crops in Denmark, but that time has come and gone, according to DR News in cooperation with Investigative Reporting Denmark.

“Monsanto only sells GMO corn in three European countries. We won’t be spending more money trying to convince people to grow them,” said Brandon Mitchener, head of PR for Monsanto in Europe.

GMO unpopular throughout Europe

The decision was made behind closed doors and the company saw no reason to make an announcement, even though it entails that all foodstuff companies in Denmark have now given up on genetically modified crops along with most of Europe.

“It is not really very surprising when you consider that chemistry company Bash stopped their biotech experiments in Europe in 2012 and that agro company Syngeta moved their studies several years earlier. This will have an impact on the international dissemination of genetically modified crops on a global scale,” said Klaus Sall, who has studied the GMO industry for several years and recently released a progress report on the development of genetically modified crops within the European Union.

Danish authorities confirm that this spells the end of GMO crops in Denmark.

“At the moment, there are no Danish trials of GMO crops registered with the Danish AgriFish Agency,” said Kristine Riskær, head of the Seed and Plants department at the Danish AgriFish Agency, which holds authority over testing involving GMO crops in Denmark in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency.

However, she does note that requests for new field trials may be made in the future.

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