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Alle borgmestre laver Gangnam Style - fra Youtube

It may prove costly that four mayors from Funen used the YouTube hit Gangnam Style to promote southern Funen.


“Sydfyn Style” may be costly

30. maj 2013 13.26 English

According to a report in the Thursday edition of the Danish daily Fyns Amts Avis, Universal Music has demanded a total of DKK 240,000 in compensation from four municipalities in southern Funen, whose mayors appeared in a promotional video that reworded the megahit Gangnam Style into “Sydfyns Style”.

  If the demand is not met by Friday, the amount sought by Universal Music may double.

Record company calls it a serious violation

Consultant Dennis Ploug from Universal Music calls it a political campaign in connection with the forthcoming local government elections. Thus, the copyright violation falls under the category “droit morale” – a particularly egregious violation of copyright, similar to using music in advertisements for pornography, drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

“Clearly we have in mind that the local government elections will be held soon,” said Ploug to Fyns Amts Avis.

Ploug said that the bill sent to the municipalities solely reflects what the cost would have been if they had obtained permission to use the music from the start. Only if they refuse to pay will the price increase to a much higher amount. The deadline for payment is Friday.

Politicians deny responsibility

Svendborg Municipality denies any responsibility and refers to the entrepreneurial project Fremtidsfabrikken, which filmed and produced the Sydfyns Style video.

“The bills have been sent here, but of course we have forwarded them to Fremtidsfabrikken,” said Municipal Chief Executive Erik Bendorf to Fyns Amts Avis.

Fremtidsfabrikken accepts its liability for the video, but calls Universal Music’s demands unrealistic.

“They want money for four violations, but only one violation was committed. They have just seen a chance to cash in and send out four claims,” said project manager Susanne Aagaard from Fremtidsfabrikken.


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