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Rune T. Kidde

Rune T. Kidde was a multi-talented artist and published humorous cartoon series, poems, novels and children’s books.

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Danish cartoonist Rune T. Kidde dies

22. okt. 2013 13.21 English

The Danish cartoonist and storyteller Rune T. Kidde has died, aged just 56.

His wife, Marianne Kidde has confirmed to DR News that he died on Sunday night.

Rune T. Kidde was born in Odense in 1957 and wrote and illustrated over 100 books. He lost his sight in 1990 and at the same time began a 10-year collaboration with Danish radio broadcaster DR, during which time he created dramatisations, travel montages and children’s radio.

Book translated to stage

According to his own website, he helped Bjørk in her role as a blind person in Lars von Trier’s ‘Dancer in the Dark’ and has been involved in many creative disciplines, such as music, opera and film.

Holbæk Theatre are currently producing a stage version of his book Den Lilla Møghætte og Pulven, which he wrote for the theatre’s 30th anniversary.

A radio portrait of the writer can be heard on DR’s Bonanza, made when he received the Danish Association for the Blind ‘Pers Legat’ award.

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