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Denmark to join NATO missile shield

22. aug. 2014 13.50 English

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Martin Lidegaard (SocLib) and the Minster for Defence, Nicolai Wammen (SocDem) have revealed that one, or possibly a number of the Danish Defence’s frigates will be fitted with a type of radar that will enable Denmark to become part of NATO’s missile shield.

“We have decided to contribute to NATO’s missile defence shield and will take part in preliminary studies with a number of other countries to determine whether one or more of our frigates should be fitted with radar,” said Lidegaard.

Apart from the Red-Green Alliance and the Danish Socialist Peoples’ Party, there was general cross-party support in the Danish parliament for the decision, following a meeting in the Foreign Policy Committee on Thursday evening.

Not directed at Russia

According to the government, it will cost between DKK 400 – 500 million just to equip one frigate to be part of the missile shield.

“It is a big investment, which is why it will feature in the next defence policy agreement. But it is a good way to defend ourselves from missile attack,” Wammen said.

Both ministers emphasised that the current conflict with Russia did not influence the Danish government’s decision to become part of the missile shield.

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