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The act on broadcasting


The overall public service activities shall provide, via television, radio and Internet or similar, the Danish population with a wide selection of programmes and services comprising news coverage, general information, education, arts and entertainment. Quality, versatility and diversity must be aimed at in the range of programmes provided. In the planning of programmes freedom of information and of expression shall be a primary concern. Objectivity and impartiality must be sought in the information coverage. The programming shall ensure that the general public has access to important information on society and debate. Futhermore, particular emphasis shall be placed on Danish language and culture. The programming shall cover all genres in the production of art and culture and provide programmes which reflect the diversity of cultural interests in the Danish society.

Public service programmes are provided by DR TV and DR Radio, TV 2 Denmark and the regional TV 2 stations. Futhermore, the programme services on the fourth FM radio channel (DR Radio, P2) and the news coverage on the fifth FM radio channel form part of the general public service activities.

The fourth FM radio channel shall be a varied public service-oriented channel providing classical music - supplemented with the presentation of rhythmic music, jazz and Danish music - cultural programmes and programmes of social interest and debate, etc. Programming for the fifth FM radio channel (commercial) shall include news programmes from the whole country.

The public services of DR shall be financed through DR’s share of the licence fees and via income from other services. The public services of TV 2 Denmark shall be financed via income from advertising and via other income. The public services of the regional TV 2 stations shall be financed through the stations’ share of licence fees and via income from other services.

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