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DR in Brief


DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) is

Denmark ’s oldest and largest electronic media enterprise. The corporation was founded in 1925 as a public service organisation. DR is an independent, licence financed public institution.

An introduction to DR

DR Radio comprises four FM stations: P1, P2 (classical music and culture), P3 (young people) and P4 (eleven regional stations). Since 1996 DR has transmitted radio on the Internet, including daily transmissions of Radioavisen (news) and Orientering (current affairs magazine). In 1999 DR introduced a new activity, DR Classical (with P2 and other classical music around the clock). DR also offers 17 radio channels on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and nearly 30 channels on the Internet.

DR TV comprises two channels, DR1 and DR2 - and three new channels from November 2009: DR K (Culture, history, music), DR Ramasjang (Children's programming) and DR HD (Programmes in HD). DR1 was founded in 1951 and DR2 in 1996. Both channels are, from 2006 broadcasted with full national coverage as free-to-air signals via the new digi-tal terrestrial television (DTT) platform. Broadcast continues on the analogue terrestrial network until analogue shut off by end of October 2009. Both channels are must carry on cable, and satellite operators offer both channels in their packages. In addition most of the channels content is freely available on demand as streaming and podcast on the Internet (and to a smaller degree to mobile phones).

New Media/ offers a rapidly increasing number of radio and television pro-grammes, also for podcasting, as well as service information, incl. daily news from Ra-dioavisen, TV Avisen, Deadline and Tekst-TV (tele-text). As the largest Danish Internet news provider, DR has 24-hour staffing on this news service, which is widely used by Danes abroad. In June 2007 DR started a new television channel on the Internet, DR Up-date ( with 24-hour news.

DR Multimedia produces merchandise related to DR Radio and DR TV, such as books, videos, music-CDs, CD-ROMs, toys and games. DR Multimedia works on a commercial basis, and its budget is separate from the licence financed broadcasting activities.

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