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Ballroom Dancer

Passion, pain and glory


Ballroom Dancer


Raindance 20th Anniversary Film Festival 2012
Best Documentary

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2012: Best Nordic Documentary

Tribecca Film Festival 2012: Special Mention

IDFA COMPETITION for First Apperance IDFA 2011

A Ukrainian boy of Gypsy descent, Slavik was born and raised in poverty. At a young age he vowed to become the world's best Latin dancer. His family could not support him financially, but was discovered at the age of 22 and teamed up with a Belgian dancer from a very wealthy family, who provided ample financial support.

In less than two years, Slavik rose through the ranks to become the world's number one Latin dancer - the fastest rising star in the history of dance. Yet his explosive temper and uncompromising personality often destroyed his partnerships and eventually cost him his title and the legacy that he wanted so badly.

Now teamed up with his new partner and girlfriend, Anna, Slavik is determined once more to become the best dancer in the world. This endeavour, however, proves more difficult than ever, as Slavik suffers from severe hip and back pains and it is only a question of time before his body will force him to quit completely.

Anna is an unknown dancer. She is stunned at his determination and his skills on the dance floor. She is deeply in love with him and their dancing seems promising, but she suffers from his raging temper. Only one question now remains. Can the couple make it all the way?

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Director Andreas Koefoed & Christian Bonke
Producers  Sirgrid Dyekjær & Jakob Nordenhof Jønck 
Produced by Danish Documentary in association with NTR, SVT, NRK & DBS/yes
Duration 1 hour & Feature
Year of Production 2011
Original Title Ballroom Dancer

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