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Carbon Crooks

An investigative documentary on Climate, Credits and Crooks


Man Whose mind exploded, The

"Two attempted suicides. Two nervous breakdowns and two comas. I'm in my seventh life now and I love it. I love it all" Drako Oho Zahazar, last interview, August 2011.


Auction House, The: A tale of two brothers

Two brothers struggle to save their family business – the oldest auction house in India


Second Wave, The

Something worrisome is happening in and around the Baltic Sea


There Will Be Some That Will Fear Even That Void

An ecological film for the 21st century


Coral Eden, The

Do we preserve nature?


The Contemplater

A unique film about the life around the Baltic Sea


Lost and Sound

What if you became deaf, and lost the ability to hear music?


Wonder World of Ice

A film about Chinese dreams seeking fulfilment in the middle of the biggest ski resort in Finnish Lapland


Blood ties

A strong film about how difficult it can be to break social heritage


Love in a straw

In many countries around the world it is illegal − but not in Denmark. To be artificially inseminated as a single woman


Behind Borgen

Borgen Behind the Scenes – fact or fiction?


October 43 - The Rescue of the Danish Jews

One of the great untold stories of World War II


AI WEIWEI THE FAKE CASE ai weiwei the fake case

An intimate and powerful film about one of the most politically influential artists of today - and the system he challenges



An intimate and powerful film about one of the most politically influential artists of today - and the system he challenges


Rat Race, The

A film that winds its way through the grimy underbelly of Mumbai, through dimly lit alleys and crowded markets to tell the story of the city’s rat killers


We Love Weapons

Exploring the paradox of trying to create world peace by means of unpeaceful tools such as guns, missiles and drones


Под колпаком − Under the Hood

In Belarus, some battle for democracy, social justice and civil rights, while others struggle just to survive


Cyberwar - behind the firewall

About digital activists fighting for freedom of speech and against repressive regimes in three different countries: Cambodia, Egypt and China



The story of a man who has taught himself the language and ways of wolves, faced them in the wilderness and witnessed their fates


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Why Democracy?

Why Democracy?

A truly remarkable series that has won numerous awards at the various festivals. The Why Demcracy? series confronts the issue of democracy head on and illuminates the contradictions, challenges, hopes and disappointments of democracy in the 21st century.

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