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The Shadow of Freedom

A four part tv thriller about the powers of mature and powerful love - love so powerful that it can turn a man into a murderer.


Shadow of Freedom, The

The retired Detective Superintendent, Svend Gabrielsen, commits a murder for the sake of his beloved wife. He uses his professional expertise to frame the newly released Swede, Lasse Eriksson, who thinks he is on his way to start a new and better life in the depths of the Swedish forests.

A Danish daily wrote after the first episode: “A great start. A hard-hitting detective story with a classic viciousness remorselessly maintained and intensified in this captivating, exciting, spine-chilling first episode...” Based on the novel The Man Who Stopped Smiling by Erik Otto Larsen.

Director: Birger Larsen
Producers: Sven Clausen & Tommy Starck
Produced by: DR & SVT-Malmö
Duration: 4 x 50 min.
Year of Production: 1994
Original Title: Frihedens Skygge

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