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Latest Drama

Splitting Up Together (In Production)

“Splitting up together” is an edgy and loving portrait of a generation


Follow the Money

Follow the Money is a series that takes us into the world of economic crime..



A new danish crime drama about a good cop and his home town



Rita is a caustically honest and unpredictable school teacher, who wrestle with problems in the public school system, with students and teachers – and the conflicts in her own rather chaotic life. She is the coolest school teacher with a burning determination to fight tooth and nail for her students and to rush fearlessly into conflicts with bureaucratic but somewhat too well-meaning colleagues at a public school filled with everyday dramas



The series Misfits is about being different. About the wonderful, freeing and fantastic in being the odd one out. But it is also about the hardship and the bullying that often go hand in hand with it. About the long journey that every child has to make: A journey that they are led to believe, both by the media and at school, is about whom or what they want to be. A journey that really should be about how you can become yourself. It is a complicated journey that isn’t just relevant but absolutely essential to portray



Broke is a series created by Kim Fupz Aakesson with his usual flair for whacky characters



The unusual sibling couple of Sebastian and Sofie have a mysterious, dark and fatal secret


Legacy, The

THE LEGACY is a character-driven drama serial about what it means to be a family in a time when classical family patterns have radically changed.


Killing, The - I, II & III

BAFTA Winner - Scandinavian Rights Only


Protectors, The

Emmy Winner 2009 - Scandinavian Rights only


Kingdom, The

Multi-award Winning Series - Scandinavian Rights only


Eagle, The

Emmy Winner 2005


Happy life

HAPPY LIFE is a multi-plot dramedy about ambitions and suppressed forces, about the misty border between dreams and reality, about the dream of happiness and the organized life, where you can plan for everything, except chance.


The man with the golden ears

Jakob is an Artist & Repertory man at a record company. He leads a rock´n´roll lifestyle in the jungle of self-conscious artists and fallen stars.



Government is a drama series about the fight for political power – and about the personal sacrifices and consequences this has for those involved on and behind the political stage.


The Wild Swans - the Movie

A king lives in a beautiful castle with his eleven sons and a daughter named Elisa. Sadly, their mother passed away and the father meets a beautiful woman and falls in love. She is a witch and blinds him with her beauty. She sends Elisa away and turns Elisa's brothers into wild swans.


Lulu - The Bankrobber's Wife

Lulu lives with Leon, the charismatic father and habitual criminal. But when Leon is thrown in jail Lulu is forced to deal with the world.


Summers, The

Welcome the lives of the family members in the Summer family - a family that undergoes dramatic changes as one of the members falls ill.



Album is the story about three families. Three families that don’t really know each other, yet whose paths keep crossing through the years in a tangled tale of roots, sexual desire, money, booze and parties. A story about longing and love – and about asceticism.


Nikolaj & Julie

A romantic drama series about a group of people and the ups and downs in their personal and professional lives - about meeting your soul mate and about fighting for your marriage.

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