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Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution


Children of the Hippies

The untold story. A playground for adults – not for children.



Facebook wants you to reveal everything, but what will Facebook reveal to you?


Drama Series

Splitting Up Together (In Production)

“Splitting up together” is an edgy and loving portrait of a generation


Follow the Money

Follow the Money is a series that takes us into the world of economic crime..


Kids & Youth

Time Travel

Time travel, divorce, love and secret agents from the future.


Kids Detectives & The Secret of the White Lady

In a quiet town the summer holidays have just begun. Markus and Teele believe it will be just as boring as it usually is



DEMOCRATS gets theatrical release in NY November 18th

THE MAN WHOSE MIND EXPLODED was broadcasted on Channel 4 in UK with great revievs


News Festival

FACEBOOKISTAN will have world premiere at CPH: DOX

DEMOCRATS awarded best documentary at Nordic Panorama Film Festival

DEMOCRATS achieved the audience award at Budepest International Documentary Festival

PERVERT PARK was awarded the speciel jury award for impact at Sundance Film Festival



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