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Changing picture of non-ethnic Danes

19. dec. 2014 13:54English

Muslims no longer comprise the biggest group of non-ethnic Danes in Denmark.


Housing cooperative awaits court ruling

19. dec. 2014 13:52English

The mortgage credit sector and the country’s hard-up housing cooperatives are anxiously awaiting a ruling from the Maritime and Commercial High Court.


Hospitals benefiting from donations

19. dec. 2014 13:51English

Christmas is a time of giving, and Danish hospitals have been receiving on a grand scale in the last five years.


EU Court: Obesity can be a disability

19. dec. 2014 13:49English

In certain circumstances, obesity can be a disability, the European Court has ruled, after a Danish childminder took his dismissal to the EU.


SAS still in the red

19. dec. 2014 13:44English

With a fourth-quarter deficit of DKK 352 million despite savings of DKK 1.6 billion, the financial situation at crisis-hit SAS remains gloomy.


Ministry of Finance admits sloppiness

18. dec. 2014 14:16English

Minister of Finance Bjarne Corydon (SocDem) admits that for several years his ministry has not been claiming discounts on legal services.


EU ruling on obesity dismissal due

18. dec. 2014 14:14English

The European Courts will today decide whether Billund Municipality acted unlawfully in firing Karsten Kaltoft, allegedly on grounds of obesity.


SocLibs press leader on asylum bill

18. dec. 2014 14:12English

Social Liberal leader Morten Østergaard is under pressure from a number of the party’s grassroots supporters over the government’s asylum bill.


Most Facebook users holding back

18. dec. 2014 14:10English

Facebook debates can quickly turn ugly, but a new study by Roskilde University has found that the vast majority of users are perfectly respectful.


No drink-driving policy at fuel stations

18. dec. 2014 14:08English

Drink driving is a serious matter, say Statoil, Q8, Shell and 7Eleven.


Østergaard: Syrian refugees here to stay

17. dec. 2014 14:06English

The thousands of Syrian refugees who have come to Denmark in recent months will be here for many years, says Social Liberal leader Morten Østergaard.


Doctor in Carina case censured

17. dec. 2014 14:04English

The consultant doctor at Aarhus University Hospital who was responsible for treating Carina Melchior has been officially censured.


Government responds to cyber threat

17. dec. 2014 14:02English

In future, citizens and companies can have greater confidence that their sensitive digital data is being well looked after.


Energy drinks bad for children

17. dec. 2014 14:00English

Energy drinks taste good and have a stimulating effect, but one in five 10- to 14-year-olds who consumes them is getting too much caffeine.


DMI: 2014 warmest year ever

17. dec. 2014 13:59English

Although the thermometer is showing single-digit temperatures and the gritting lorries have been sent out, 2014 looks to be the warmest year ever.


Teachers reopen work hours dispute

16. dec. 2014 14:37English

The Danish Union of Teachers has reopened its dispute with local authorities on teachers’ working hours.


New policing methods halve robberies

16. dec. 2014 14:35English

A more analytical approach to policing has halved the number of street robberies compared to last year.


UN criticises Eritrea report

16. dec. 2014 14:33English

In a particularly critical statement, the UNHCR has expressed a number of concerns about the Danish Eritrea report.


Altor concealed Bunker oil speculation

16. dec. 2014 14:31English

OW Bunker camouflaged the income it received from oil speculation in company accounts.


Record Christmas aid collection

16. dec. 2014 14:29English

Many Danish families will receive Christmas aid thanks to Danes’ willingness to donate to help vulnerable families.


Many refugee ‘children’ are over 18

16. dec. 2014 14:27English

New figures from the Ministry of Justice show that many unaccompanied refugee children seeking asylum in Denmark are actually over 18.


More OW Bunker revelations

15. dec. 2014 15:07English

A series of confidential reports, meeting agendas and emails from OW Bunker have revealed that its owner, Altor, was aware of its risky investments.


Cimber flight close to mid-air collision

15. dec. 2014 15:04English

Cimber Air has confirmed to DR News that one of its aircraft almost collided with a military plane over the Baltic Sea on Friday.


War tourism on the increase

15. dec. 2014 14:59English

An increasing number of tourists are now exchanging package holidays for travel to combat zones to witness the devastation at close hand.


Denmark claims the North Pole

15. dec. 2014 14:56English

As the first country in the world, Denmark will today claim ownership of the North Pole.


Don Ø accused of shares manipulation

15. dec. 2014 14:53English

Flemming Østergaard, aka Don Ø, the former chairman of the board of Denmark’s national stadium Parken is to stand trial accused of shares manipulation


Denmark facing hurricane-strength winds

12. dec. 2014 13:30English

The many Danes heading out to office parties this evening will need to be extra cautious about the weather.


Major fall in refugees from Eritrea

12. dec. 2014 13:28English

Since the number of Eritrean refugees seeking asylum in Denmark peaked in August, the figure has almost halved.


Police not coping with financial crime

12. dec. 2014 13:27English

When the police investigate complex cases of financial crime, they have often lost the battle before they have even begun, concludes a new report.


Young people now more well-behaved

12. dec. 2014 13:24English

Young Danes are drinking and smoking less than they used to, according to a new study conducted by the Danish National Centre for Social Research.


Blue block wants to cut refugee payments

12. dec. 2014 13:22English

If the right-wing parties win power at the next election, refugees can expect to receive significantly lower benefits than they do today


Minister: Not involved in Eritrea report

11. dec. 2014 13:59English

Mette Frederiksen (SocDem): “I am the country’s justice minister and I can categorically deny any involvement in the report.”


1 in 3 workers fears losing job

11. dec. 2014 13:57English

Insomnia and palpitations before meeting with a boss can be signs that a worker is afraid of losing their job, as are more than one in three workers.


Government’s anti-jihad bill criticised

11. dec. 2014 13:55English

The government’s anti-jihad bill has come in for stern criticism from a broad cross-section of organisations.


86% of Danes getting greener

11. dec. 2014 13:53English

A new survey has revealed that the vast majority of Danish consumers are making an effort to spare the environment.


Rat droppings found in sweets warehouse

11. dec. 2014 13:51English

Twenty-five tons of chocolate, lollipops and wine gums have been confiscated from a huge sweets warehouse in Tranbjerg near Aarhus.


Jelved brings down axe on DNCO

10. dec. 2014 14:05English

The Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DNCO) will be disbanded at the end of the year, Minister for Culture Marianne Jelved (SocLib) has confirmed.


Back-peddling over Eritrean refugees

10. dec. 2014 13:57English

The Danish Immigration Service has now opened up the possibility of automatic asylum for individuals who have left Eritrea to avoid military service.


Siren’s importance has been forgotten

10. dec. 2014 13:50English

The sound of the siren and national emergency preparedness were once part of the Danish consciousness, but not so today.


Record convictions for bomb threats

10. dec. 2014 13:45English

This year has seen a record number of Danes successfully convicted for making bomb threats.


Nationalbanken to stop printing money Nationalbanken to stop printing money

10. dec. 2014 13:40English

Although we are still using a lot of physical cash, the demand for new notes and coins is falling.


Denmark pays compensation to alleged pirates

9. dec. 2014 14:12English

The first time suspected Somali pirates are brought before a Danish court, they are awarded compensation.


SAS buys Cimber Air for DKK 20 million

9. dec. 2014 14:10English

On Monday, SAS notified the stock exchange that it has acquired the small aviation company Cimber Air for DKK 20 million.


Danish organic milk big in Asia

9. dec. 2014 14:08English

Consumers the world over have an appetite for Danish goods with the red "organic" label.


Substitute teachers unqualified

9. dec. 2014 14:06English

The number of unqualified substitute teachers in Danish primary and lower secondary schools has risen in recent years.


SocLib criticism of Eritrea affair

9. dec. 2014 14:03English

Prominent members of the Social-Liberal Party have criticised the government and their own party in their handling of the Eritrea report case.


Oil pollution in Little Belt

8. dec. 2014 14:19English

A DR investigation has revealed that the Shell oil refinery at Fredericia has been concealing a dark and environmentally dangerous secret for decades


Politicians demand Eritrea investigation

8. dec. 2014 14:14English

The Liberal Party is demanding an investigation into Minister for Justice Mette Frederiksen’s involvement in the so-called Eritrea affair.


Politicians indicted in Mansour case

8. dec. 2014 14:12English

Thorkild Høyer, counsel for the defence in the Sam Mansour case, has now indicted more politicians.


Selection process for military postings

8. dec. 2014 14:10English

Defence Command Denmark could do a better job stopping soldiers being sent to war who are unsuited for it.


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