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Danish Regions to lose 800 hospital jobs

23. jun. 2015 13:49English

As a result of the cuts agreed by a majority in the regional council yesterday, almost 800 hospital jobs are to be axed in Central Denmark Region.


Løkke closer to forming government

23. jun. 2015 13:47English

The Liberals edge closer to being able to form a government as negotiations with the DPP continue.


Teachers may decide own work hours

23. jun. 2015 13:45English

Following last years’ dispute, many teachers are making separate working hours agreements with their local authorities.


Region may not boycott Ryanair

23. jun. 2015 13:43English

A number of municipal authorities, including Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense have decided to boycott Irish budget airline, Ryanair.


Rasmussen gives up on majority government

22. jun. 2015 13:36English

Liberal chairman Lars Løkke Rasmussen has abandoned hope of forming a government comprising the four blue block parties.


Denmark remains second-most peaceful country

22. jun. 2015 13:34English

Iceland is ranked as the most peaceful country in the world, followed by Denmark.


Independent schools on the rise

22. jun. 2015 13:31English

Twenty-three new independent schools are expected to open this year, 11 of which are replacing a closed municipal school.


Skaarup predicts Liberal Government

22. jun. 2015 13:29English

DPP chair Peter Skaarup predicts a pure Liberal minority government.


Denmark can boost border control

22. jun. 2015 13:26English

Denmark can increase border control activities without violating the Schengen Agreement, says expert in the field.


Cryptic comment from Lars Løkke

19. jun. 2015 13:56English

The Liberals have not had a particularly good election and the coming days will show whether the party will be able to form a centre-right government.


Property tax affects rural Denmark

19. jun. 2015 13:52English

A new survey by the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks shows that increasing property tax is affecting home owners in rural areas


Thorning admits defeat and resigns

19. jun. 2015 13:50English

Helle Thorning-Schmidt (SocDem) has acknowledged her defeat in the general election and will resign as Prime Minister of Denmark.


IS taunt to be tried in High Court

19. jun. 2015 13:48English

A taunt by a 22-year-old man in support of Islamic State and the Paris shootings is now to be tried by judges in the Eastern High Court.


New Danish citizens vote for first time

18. jun. 2015 13:49English

Hiba Faisal is just one of the many new first-time voters who have become Danish citizens since the last election.


Better conditions for families

18. jun. 2015 13:48English

Party leaders discuss better conditions for families with children in TV2 debate.


Difficult kids ‘parked’ in prisons

18. jun. 2015 13:47English

Children who are judged to be a danger either to themselves or their surroundings may be placed in secure institutions with other convicted criminals.


Teachers work unpaid on school trips

18. jun. 2015 13:46English

Teachers on school trips and camps are only paid 14 hours per day when they are out of school with their classes.


Relationship forces principal to resign

18. jun. 2015 13:45English

New rules stating forbidding a manager to have a personal relationship with an employee have now cost one Aarhus principal his job.


Credit for new Danish jobs lies abroad

17. jun. 2015 13:25English

Despite the claims of the prime minister candidates, leading economists credit international factors with the creation of new jobs in Denmark.


Children as young as 12 behind bars

17. jun. 2015 13:24English

Danish children as young as 12 are being kept behind locked doors in high-security institutions.


Roleplay the focus at new school

17. jun. 2015 13:22English

Cardboard guns, dressing-up clothes and rubber swords could be essential items in the school bag of pupils at a new continuation school.


IMF: Income gap bad for growth

17. jun. 2015 13:21English

The idea that increased income inequality makes economies more dynamic has been dismissed by an International Monetary Fund (IMF) study.


No premature exit polls

17. jun. 2015 13:20English

Danmarks Radio, TV2 and most of the country’s newspapers will not be publishing exit polls before the polling stations close.


Løkke to restore Integration Ministry

16. jun. 2015 14:05English

Liberal leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen will restore the Liberal-Conservative coalition’s Ministry of Integration if his party wins the election.


Ownerless houses being abandoned

16. jun. 2015 14:04English

Houses that no one wants to own, which are worth less than nothing and can’t even be sold by compulsory auction, are simply being abandoned.


Pupils giving homework cafés a miss

16. jun. 2015 14:02English

Voluntary homework cafés are not proving popular with municipal primary and lower-secondary school pupils.


SocDem mayors mailshot voters

16. jun. 2015 14:01English

Just days before the general election, seven Social Democrat mayors in the western suburbs of Copenhagen have sent out no fewer than 117,000 campaign letters to citizens.


Elderly covering own rising care costs

16. jun. 2015 13:59English

In future, increased public expenditure on pensioners will largely be funded from the pensioners’ own pension assets.


Elderly budget lower than in 2008

15. jun. 2015 14:01English

Although local authorities have increased spending for the elderly, the budget is insufficient to cope with the increasingly ageing population.


DK social welfare low on EU list

15. jun. 2015 13:59English

While 14 years ago, Denmark paid out most in unemployment benefit in the European Union, the country has now slid down to 10th place on the list.


Regions boss challenges politicians

15. jun. 2015 13:56English

Jens Stenbæk, chairman of Zealand Region has challenged both Prime Minister candidates on the question of fair medicine prices.


Crime shouldn’t pay for asylum seekers

15. jun. 2015 13:54English

The Danish People’s Party suggests that asylum seekers should be denied the right to asylum if they commit a crime, no matter how small.


Fewer jobs for poorly educated

12. jun. 2015 12:49English

According to statistics from the state job portal,, those with the lowest level of education have the fewest jobs to choose between.


Many choose not to vote

12. jun. 2015 12:48English

Many Danish citizens living in areas of social deprivation are expected to choose not to vote and stay home on election day.


Applied for job on DR TV

12. jun. 2015 12:47English

An asylum seeker who expressed his wish to work on DR News has been offered a job.


Denmark to be taken to court

12. jun. 2015 12:45English

Denmark is violating the human rights of over 3,000 disabled people by not allowing them to vote, says Institute of Human Rights.


Young leaving rural areas

11. jun. 2015 13:57English

Education is dividing Denmark. Even though young people are becoming better educated, the pattern is not uniform throughout the country.


Govt proposes wind powered heating

11. jun. 2015 13:56English

The government has offered an olive branch to district heating plants by allowing them to use large electric heat pumps to generate electricity.


Further arrests in bribes case

11. jun. 2015 13:49English

Police are investigating a bribes case involving employees of Region Zealand, the Danish Prison and Probation Service and the Danish National Police.


Better policing for gang areas

11. jun. 2015 13:48English

A new government safety package promises greater police presence in areas with high levels of gang activity.


Poor conditions in clothes shops

11. jun. 2015 13:47English

Understaffing and no time for breaks. Freezing cold in shops. Overtime without pay. Employees at Moss Copenhagen describe poor working conditions.


13 arrested in Zealand bribery case

10. jun. 2015 13:25English

Thirteen people, including one employee of the Danish National Police, have been arrested in a case of suspected bribery of public employees.


Asylum rule changes affect 1 in 5

10. jun. 2015 13:24English

At the weekend showdown between the two prime ministerial candidates, one statistic on the asylum rule changes was hotly disputed.


Young GPs prefer to work in cities

10. jun. 2015 13:23English

Despite huge demand for them in rural areas, newly qualified GPs are increasingly opting to stay in the cities.


Shareholders to sue OW Bunker

10. jun. 2015 13:22English

The bankrupt company OW Bunker is to be sued by former shareholders seeking compensation for their investment losses.


First-time voters shun SocDems

10. jun. 2015 13:21English

If there was an election today and the government was decided by first-time voters, the Social Democrats would most likely not be celebrating.


Controversial imam dead

9. jun. 2015 13:35English

The Aarhus man who went by the name of Abu Hamza and was placed on the US terror list in 2014 has died.


Cooperative home loans too costly

9. jun. 2015 13:35English

While many Danish home-owners have benefitted from low interest rates, cooperative home-owners have not been so lucky.


Liberals to propose asylum reform

9. jun. 2015 13:33English

The Liberals want to tackle the growing influx of refugees to Denmark in recent years with a new asylum reform, due to be presented today.


Anti-racism recommendations ignored

9. jun. 2015 13:32English

Denmark has so far failed to fully implement the recommendations set out by the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) in 2012.


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