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SAS strikers return to work

3. mar. 2015 13:07English

The SAS cabin crew strike would appear to be over, although not all personnel may be returning to work. SAS has now suspended 27 of the strikers.


Arrest in suspicious hospital deaths

3. mar. 2015 13:06English

A 29 year-old woman has been arrested in connection with a series of suspicious deaths at Nykøbing Falster hospital.


Police warn against teenage ‘sexting’

3. mar. 2015 13:04English

Semi- and completely naked photographs of girls from the Viborg area have appeared against their will in the so-called Viborg File.


Increased Swedish military cooperation

3. mar. 2015 13:02English

A new report proposes a closer military cooperation between Denmark and Sweden.


Alcoholism treatment ineffective

3. mar. 2015 13:01English

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority believes that alcoholism should be treated differently to how it is today.


Radicalisation fears put child in care

2. mar. 2015 13:25English

City of Aarhus social services have forcibly removed a minor thought to be in danger of being radicalised by his father.


Bunker management cheated deliberately

2. mar. 2015 13:23English

OW Bunker management acted with malice aforethought when they omitted mentioning the company’s high-risk speculation in oil to investors.


SAS dispute described as ‘unusual’

2. mar. 2015 12:15English

In spite of being ordered to return to work, many striking SAS employees have refused, and now risk losing their jobs.


Higher grades for gymnasium entrance

2. mar. 2015 12:14English

A new opinion poll reveals that many Danes think it should be more difficult to gain admission to upper secondary schools.


Lego in wind turbine lobby

2. mar. 2015 12:12English

Lego invests in German wind farm, yet also supports Danish industry organisation that opposes the construction of wind turbines.


Fehmarnbelt Link bill up 44%

27. feb. 2015 12:40English

The Fehmarnbelt Link is now almost DKK 20 billion more expensive than anticipated in 2008.


Survey: Danes undeterred by terror

27. feb. 2015 12:38English

A survey has found that fear of a new terror attack would not prevent Danes from attending political events or debates on freedom of speech.


Smaller daycare institutions recommended

27. feb. 2015 12:37English

A new report recommends that, for optimal benefit, daycare institutions should accommodate no more than 100 children.


Regions concerned about medicine costs

27. feb. 2015 12:03English

Should the Danish authorities start looking at price when choosing which medicines are offered to patients? Many believe they should.


Three Michelin stars for Aarhus

27. feb. 2015 12:01English

Three Aarhus restaurants have been awarded a star in the 2015 edition of the Michelin Nordic Cities Guide.


Call for prompt terror attack statement

26. feb. 2015 13:03English

A majority outside the government is calling for an official statement on the terror attack in Copenhagen within the next three weeks.


Security at Krudttønden questioned

26. feb. 2015 13:01English

A number of eyewitnesses have told DR that there were no police guards outside Krudttønden when it was subjected to a gun attack on 14 February.


A towering performance from Lego

26. feb. 2015 12:57English

So the day of reckoning finally arrived, as Lego released its annual financial results.


Medical residency advice ignored

26. feb. 2015 12:45English

Legal officials have been criticised for acting like medical experts in humanitarian residency cases.


Political call to ban Hizb ut-Tahrir

26. feb. 2015 12:42English

The Director of Public Prosecutions is to be asked to assess whether the controversial Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir can be forcibly shut down.


No incumbency advantage for

25. feb. 2015 12:59English

Judging by the latest Epinion poll, the Danish PM is not benefiting from a so-called “incumbency advantage” after the Copenhagen terror attacks.


Will data centre really benefit Viborg?

25. feb. 2015 12:57English

Apple has agreed with Viborg Municipality to build a huge new data centre, starting in 2017 – but how much will it actually benefit the municipality?


Further delay likely for Fehmarn Link

25. feb. 2015 12:55English

Yesterday’s meeting between Danish Minister for Transport Magnus Heunicke and his German counterpart did not end as Heunicke had hoped.


Were prescribed pills sold on streets?

25. feb. 2015 12:41English

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority received warnings that pills prescribed by a brain-damaged psychiatrist were being sold on the streets.


Debate rages over sugar dating

25. feb. 2015 12:38English

A debate is raging as to whether sugar dating is a form of prostitution that should be banned.


Alternativet closer to parliament

24. feb. 2015 12:08English

Alternativet – one of Denmark’s newest independent parties is closer to being elected to parliament in the General Election.


Measles: no cause for concern

24. feb. 2015 12:06English

Within the last two weeks, two children in Copenhagen have been diagnosed with measles. Doctors say there is no cause for concern.


Apple to invest millions in Viborg

24. feb. 2015 12:03English

The IT giant, Apple is to build one of the world’s biggest data centres just outside Viborg. Apple will invest DKK 6.3b in the data centre.


Crisis centres for men in trouble

24. feb. 2015 11:59English

Many crisis centres for men may close after social fund support has dried up


Health system errors to be investigated

24. feb. 2015 11:57English

A new Ministry of Health working group is to investigate errors in Health and Medicines Authority inspections.


Police reject Muslim peace ring plan

23. feb. 2015 13:19English

A Muslim plan to form a peace ring around the synagogue in Copenhagen has been rejected by Copenhagen police.


Psychiatrist made wrong diagnoses

23. feb. 2015 13:17English

A brain-damaged psychiatrist from West Jutland made incorrect diagnoses and prescribed the wrong medication for children.


DKK 300,000 for some benefits claimants

23. feb. 2015 13:07English

New figures from Minister for Finance, Morten Østergaard (SocLib) have reignited the debate on cash benefits.


More support for women in crisis

23. feb. 2015 13:05English

A new study shows that vulnerable women receive much more social sector support than vulnerable men.


Cash benefits cap bad idea

23. feb. 2015 13:03English

Cash benefits cap not the way to increase employment, says expert.


DKK 1 billion for anti-terror package

20. feb. 2015 13:14English

The government is to allocate almost a billion kroner for a new anti-terror package.


Legal concerns about new terror package

20. feb. 2015 13:12English

The government wants to change the law so that the DDIS can phone-tap Danish citizens who are under suspicion while they are abroad.


Denmark to host anti-terror conference

20. feb. 2015 13:11English

The Danish authorities are to begin preparations for a major international conference in Copenhagen on the theme of terror prevention.


Improved cervical cancer vaccine on way

20. feb. 2015 13:09English

A new and improved vaccine against cervical cancer may soon be available in Denmark, the Danish Cancer Society has announced in a press release.


Sale of laser pens to be banned

20. feb. 2015 13:08English

The Danish Safety Technology Authority is ready to put a stop to the sale of laser pens following an exposé by DR1’s consumer magazine Kontant.


Cover contrite over fashion photo

20. feb. 2015 13:06English

A photo of an ultra-thin model in the fashion magazine Cover has attracted huge criticism on social media.


Proposed teaching on antisemitism

19. feb. 2015 13:48English

The Red-Green Alliance is advocating that antisemitism and similar themes should be addressed through compulsory teaching in schools.


Home Guard speeds up weapons review

19. feb. 2015 13:47English

The Home Guard is speeding up its review of the private storage of weapons so that new security procedures can be implemented as soon as possible.


Remanded man’s break-ins with Omar

19. feb. 2015 13:44English

A 22-year-old man remanded into custody on Monday has a criminal history with Omar El-Hussein going back several years.


Danish CCTV cameras proliferating

19. feb. 2015 13:05English

The blue block is proposing even greater use of public space surveillance as part of its new anti-terror plan .


Plan to prevent unease among youngsters

19. feb. 2015 13:02English

Police, social services and schools will now put every effort into establishing calm among children and young people in Copenhagen.


Dead gunman is going to get Muslim funeral

19. feb. 2015 13:00English

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, the 22-year-old man suspected of carrying out the weekend’s shootings in Copenhagen, will be laid to rest in Denmark.


Fehmarn Belt fixed link more costly

18. feb. 2015 14:12English

Establishing the Femern fixed link now looks to be considerably more costly than originally expected.


New proposal to fight radicalisation

18. feb. 2015 14:10English

Minister of Justice Mette Frederiksen has said that she supports a new proposal to prevent radicalisation in Danish prisons.


Weak krone may mean more jobs

18. feb. 2015 14:08English

The weak Danish krone and not least a robust dollar may be good news for Danish businesses this year.


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