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Cigs, fat and booze are killing Danes

16. apr. 2014 13:50English

New figures from the cause of death register show that lifestyle diseases are still the biggest killers.


More day closures introduced

16. apr. 2014 13:49English

Contrary to the government’s intentions, the number of day closures in day-care centres in 36 Danish local authorities is increasing.


New ‘Better drug use’ guide

16. apr. 2014 13:33English

A group of international researchers have produced a guide for frequent drug users on how to take drugs responsibly.


Fewer duty-free German beer imports

16. apr. 2014 13:29English

Figures show that last year Danes bought less duty-free beer and soft drinks from Germany and for the first time in many years, sales increased in Danish shops.


Rejsekort encourages off-peak travel

16. apr. 2014 13:20English

Travel card deals for the Danish Rejsekort, encourage off-peak travel by public transport.


Danish cancer cells in space

15. apr. 2014 13:11English

Six million cancer cells from a patient with aggressive thyroid cancer are to be sent into space to test their reaction to weightlessness.


Policeman pushes man from wheelchair

15. apr. 2014 13:02English

Police officer pushes man out of wheel chair and leaves him lying on the ground.


Lack of organ donors is problematic

15. apr. 2014 12:57English

Many politicians believe that Denmark is facing a problem with regard to organ donors. In 2013, the number was the lowest ever.


34% take their smartphones to the loo

15. apr. 2014 12:42English

A new study by mobile phone company Telenor reveals that one in three Danes take their mobiles with them to the loo.


Biker gangs involved in economic crime

14. apr. 2014 13:19English

Biker gangs earn billions from the black economy, where the punishment is less than that for drug trafficking.


Better legal rights for tax workers

14. apr. 2014 13:11English

The Minister for Taxation wants to look into the legal rights of taxpayers; SKAT employees want their legal rights to be considered as well.


British freighter hits Masnedø Bridge

14. apr. 2014 13:07English

Last night, a British freighter collided with Masnedø Bridge. All rail traffic from Vordingborg has been suspended this morning.


Problems with Danish custody laws

14. apr. 2014 12:58English

Danish parental custody laws may be in contravention of human rights.


East Europeans not stealing Danish jobs

11. apr. 2014 13:37English

Experts say that Eastern European workers have not been taking jobs from Danes.


Male circumcision still allowed

11. apr. 2014 13:29English

New Danish Health and Medicines Authority guidelines continue to allow the circumcision of young Jewish and Muslim boys on religious grounds.


Russia threatens to cut European gas

11. apr. 2014 13:24English

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has threatened to stop supplying natural gas to the Ukraine unless the country pays its gas debts to Russia.


More international school places

11. apr. 2014 13:14English

To attract more highly qualified workers to Denmark, the government is proposing offering more places in schools with an international profile.


More emergency call-outs since New Year

10. apr. 2014 13:44English

The number of acute emergency ambulance call-outs has risen in the Capital Region since the introduction of the 1813 emergency telephone line.


Københavnske politikere er klar til dialog med rockere

10. apr. 2014 13:32English

Politicians ready to help bikers


Italian tourist stabbed in Copenhagen

10. apr. 2014 13:30English

An Italian tourist was stabbed in the thigh in Copenhagen on Wednesday evening.


New car buyers won’t buy Toyota

10. apr. 2014 13:17English

Toyota’s recall of 6.5 million vehicles likely to affect sales in Denmark.


Stricter green card scheme

10. apr. 2014 13:13English

Mette Frederiksen, the Minister for Employment, wants to make it more difficult for foreigners to get work in Denmark.


Higher mortgage rates for homeowners

10. apr. 2014 13:03English

Danish homeowners could be hit by new EU Directive.


Data protection act out of date

9. apr. 2014 13:30English

The current data protection act is badly in need updating and many internet users do not feel they have complete control of their personal information.


Cancer victims compensated

9. apr. 2014 13:22English

Four women who contracted cervical cancer after being dropped from the screening programme have been awarded almost DKK 4 million in compensation.


Higher speeding fines at road works

9. apr. 2014 13:16English

As of next Monday, fines for motorists who speed through road works will be considerably higher.


DSB expects more problems with IC4 trains

9. apr. 2014 13:08English

After the discovery of another crack yesterday, DSB now expects to find more cracks in the axle boxes of IC4 trains.


Danish farmers hit by pork ban

9. apr. 2014 13:04English

After several months of tense bargaining, talks between the European Commission and Russia have now broken down.


New rule for foreign students

9. apr. 2014 12:55English

Non-EU students may now stay in Denmark for two years instead of three after they finish their studies.


Akkari book gets thumbs up from critics

8. apr. 2014 13:04English

Former imam Ahmed Akkari’s controversial book has received positive reviews.


New school reform scares off parents

8. apr. 2014 13:02English

One in six parents are considering transferring their child to a private school as a result of the new education reform.


Imams fooled intelligence service

8. apr. 2014 13:00English

Former imam Ahmed Akkari’s new book reveals that some imams were actually playing a double game during the Mohammed crisis.


40 million earmarked for young mums

8. apr. 2014 12:58English

Very young or vulnerable pregnant women are to receive financial support from the Minister for Health because life as a new mum isn’t always easy.


Conservatives want top tax reduced

8. apr. 2014 12:56English

The Conservative Party would like to see top-bracket tax on the agenda for the growth negotiations with the government this spring.


School reform demotivates teachers

7. apr. 2014 13:53English

Teachers’ motivation is lower than ever, just a few months before they are due to implement the new education reform.


Financial support for counselling

7. apr. 2014 13:49English

It is now possible to get partial financial support to ease the cost of expensive counselling sessions.


Record collection for Cancer Society

7. apr. 2014 13:46English

Generous Danish public donates millions to the Danish Cancer Society on its annual collection drive.


Bank access to tax information

7. apr. 2014 13:42English

It may become more difficult to borrow money or get a mortgage if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of Danes that owe the state money.


Consumers will finance Dankort in future

7. apr. 2014 13:40English

From 2018, the Danish retail trade will have to bear the entire cost of the Dankort system, although consumers will end up footing the bill.


Increased internal criticism of Thorning

4. apr. 2014 13:51English

Criticism of Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt (SocDem) by the leaders of local Social Democratic Party groups reaches record high levels.


Mental health discrimination

4. apr. 2014 13:45English

The Danish health insurance company Danmark, which insures against unforeseen medical expenses, admits to discrimination against mentally ill patients.


Red rain may reach Denmark at weekend

4. apr. 2014 13:41English

Recent violent storms over the Sahara Desert have whipped sand so high up into the atmosphere that it may reach as far as Denmark.


Fewer abortions among younger women

4. apr. 2014 13:31English

The abortion rate is falling, especially among young women in the 15-19 age group and experts are puzzled.


Insider news on Mohammed cartoon crisis

4. apr. 2014 13:26English

Hamas and Hezbollah involved in Danish Muslims’ protest against Mohammed cartoons.


Sports associations on the increase

4. apr. 2014 13:18English

Sports such as running, sailing and cycling are more fun when done collectively.


Microsoft pays deposit in tax case

3. apr. 2014 13:50English

Microsoft has surprisingly paid billions of kroner to the Danish treasury in what has been described as Denmark’s biggest ever tax case.


Grass-roots loses faith with Thorning

3. apr. 2014 13:47English

In the view of 13 local party chairpersons, Social Democrat leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt should stand down before the next general election.


Huge cartel fine for Carlsberg

3. apr. 2014 13:25English

Danish brewing giant Carlsberg has been fined DKK 463 million in a German cartel case.


Buffer zones to be halved in area

3. apr. 2014 13:13English

The government and the opposition have drafted an agreement to cut the buffer zones in Denmark from 50,000 to 25,000 hectares.


Transport Authority raises IC4 fears

3. apr. 2014 13:12English

The long-running saga of the new IC4 trains now has another chapter, with the Danish Transport Authority raising fresh safety fears.


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