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Hedegaard gunman released in Turkey

20. okt. 2014 13:17English

The Turkish authorities have confirmed that the man charged with the attempted shooting of writer Lars Hedegaard has been released.


Immigrants more often on cash benefit

20. okt. 2014 13:15English

According to Danish daily, Jyllands Posten, the social group most likely to be on social welfare benefits are immigrants and their descendants.


Demolitions will make ghettos safer

20. okt. 2014 13:13English

Government to earmark billions to improve safety for residents in socially disadvantaged areas.


Dangerous mosquito now in Denmark

20. okt. 2014 13:11English

A pond in Greve Strand has become home to a potentially dangerous species of mosquito.


SAS introduces Ebola task force

17. okt. 2014 12:49English

Fears over Ebola have led SAS, Denmark’s biggest airline, to set up a task force to intervene if a passenger shows symptoms of the deadly virus.


DK doing well with Syrian refugees

17. okt. 2014 12:47English

From 1 January 2012 to 1 September 2014, Denmark took in more Syrian refugees than 15 other EU countries combined.


Lars Hedegaard to stand for election

17. okt. 2014 12:45English

Lars Hedegaard, who has been at the centre of so much recent drama, plans to stand as an independent in the next general election.


Danish F16s fly first mission in Iraq

17. okt. 2014 12:43English

Danish fighter planes took to the air for the first time yesterday in the battle against Islamic State in northern Iraq.


HPV vaccination for boys?

17. okt. 2014 12:41English

New research from Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital) shows that cases of HPV-triggered tonsil cancer in men have increased significantly.


1 in 3 municipalities to cut tax in 2015

16. okt. 2014 15:22English

Nearly one in three municipalities is set to cut personal and/or corporate taxes next year.


GPS tracking of patients rejected

16. okt. 2014 15:20English

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has rejected Hvidovre Hospital’s proposal to fit dementia patients with GPS tracking devices.


ITB okays anonymity for hacked companies

16. okt. 2014 15:17English

Danish companies that have been hacked could be granted anonymity if they are legally compelled to report the attack, suggests ITB.


Denmark has a new political party

16. okt. 2014 15:15English

The National Party is a new Danish political party that wants to put a stop to intolerance, mistrust and fear in Danish society.


20,000 police mapping illegal immigrants

16. okt. 2014 15:13English

This week and next, Danish police are participating in a large-scale EU police action.


Less money for the elderly

15. okt. 2014 14:13English

A new survey has revealed that next year, many local authorities will be spending less money on the elderly than this year.


Stricter controls at Danish borders

15. okt. 2014 14:11English

Following the Dutch example, Danish police will now be able to introduce tighter controls at Danish border crossings.


Danish Nazis responsible for many deaths

15. okt. 2014 14:08English

New research has revealed that members of Frikorps Danmark were active participants in the extermination of Jews during the Second World War.


Actor Jess Ingerslev dead

15. okt. 2014 14:06English

Actor Jess Ingerslev has died following a long illness. He was 67.


Dementia sufferers disappear and die

15. okt. 2014 14:04English

A new survey has revealed that half of the country’s dementia patients disappear at some point in time, in some cases with tragic consequences.


Politicians to fight match fixing

14. okt. 2014 11:54English

Brian Mikkelsen, Conservative spokesman on sport, thinks that harsher punishment and a more organised international forum may help fight match fixing.


Embassy: No news of Hedegaard gunman

14. okt. 2014 11:52English

The Turkish ambassador said he has no information as yet on the apparent release of the man suspected of attacking the writer, Lars Hedegaard.


Isolation containers for Ebola doctors

14. okt. 2014 11:49English

The Danish Emergency Management Agency is sending isolation containers to Sierra Leone, which is among the West African countries worst hit by the Ebola virus.


Soldiers becoming disillusioned

14. okt. 2014 11:48English

When Danish soldiers are posted abroad on active service, they are often motivated by idealism. However, they frequently return disillusioned.


Price increase for bigger houses

14. okt. 2014 11:45English

Many Danes’ dream of a big house has had an impact on house prices in Denmark over the last 22 years.


Match fixing now threatens badminton

13. okt. 2014 14:19English

Two leading international Danish badminton players have been contacted by a Malaysian match fixer offering them large sums of money to fix their games.


Ebola threatens chocolate trade

13. okt. 2014 14:17English

It would appear that the Ebola epidemic in West Africa now also threatens much of the world’s chocolate production.


Ministry of Justice: Hedegaard gunman likely released

13. okt. 2014 12:26English

The man accused of attempting to shoot Islam-critical writer Lars Hedegaard has apparently been released from prison in Turkey.


Eighth cabinet reshuffle for PM Thorning

13. okt. 2014 12:23English

Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s government must make yet another cabinet reshuffle as Minister for Justice, Karen Hækkerup says goodbye to politics.


Only 19 people conscripted for national service

13. okt. 2014 12:20English

The number of young people volunteering for national service has increased significantly, with fewer objectors.


Hækkerup stands down as Justice Minister

10. okt. 2014 13:20English

Minister of Justice Karen Hækkerup is leaving her post to replace Søren Gade as CEO of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.


Frederiksen to be Minister of Justice

10. okt. 2014 13:18English

Today will see the cabinet reshuffle necessitated by Karen Hækkerup’s exit from government.


DPP and LA: Give refugees asylum abroad

10. okt. 2014 13:17English

The Danish People’s Party is proposing to send refugees who are granted asylum in Denmark to a developing country.


Plans for more compulsory adoptions

10. okt. 2014 13:15English

The government is preparing to relax the rules on compulsory adoption in order to protect the interests of the children concerned.


Fake Google CEO defrauded DKK 630,000

10. okt. 2014 13:14English

Monday 24 February this year was the start of a month of luxury for a then 19-year-old man.


Denmark could get 3.7 degrees hotter

9. okt. 2014 15:15English

Unless something is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Denmark will get almost four degrees hotter in the near future.


Elderly benefit from eating well

9. okt. 2014 15:11English

Assigning a dietician to elderly people upon their discharge from hospital halves the risk that they will be readmitted in the near future.


Islamic State recruits Danish women

9. okt. 2014 15:09English

Danish women are heading to the Middle East to support Islamic State.


Region admits errors over homeless death

9. okt. 2014 15:06English

The Capital Region admits that serious human errors were made in the handling of a 112 emergency incident in which a 33-year-old homeless man died.


Solution to citizenship problems

9. okt. 2014 15:04English

Minister of Justice Karen Hækkerup (SocDem) has announced a solution to the problems with the recently enacted rules on citizenship for young people.


Government to tighten asylum rules

8. okt. 2014 13:52English

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (SocDem) has proposed that asylum seekers should not be eligible for family reunification in the first year.


Government set to scrap EU opt-outs

8. okt. 2014 13:50English

Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (SocDem) gave notice of a referendum on the EU opt-outs in her opening speech to the Danish Parliament.


Homeless death: Ambulance took 26 mins

8. okt. 2014 13:48English

A homeless man died at Amagerbro Station in Copenhagen on Monday afternoon after it took 26 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the scene.


Storm Bodil victims still waiting

8. okt. 2014 13:46English

Ten months after Storm Bodil ravaged much of the country, the Danish Storm Council estimates that one in ten compensation cases remains unsettled.


Much more expensive living as a single

8. okt. 2014 13:45English

The one and a half million Danes of all ages who currently live alone are finding that single life can be expensive.


Massive fines for building cartels

7. okt. 2014 13:28English

The Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic Crime has issued fines for over DKK 27 million to building cartels.


Teachers: Inclusion isn’t working

7. okt. 2014 13:26English

Pupils with special educational needs may turn out to be the losers in the new primary and lower secondary school reform.


Libs may drop elderly driver check-ups

7. okt. 2014 13:08English

The Organisation of General Practitioners in Denmark believes it could have serious consequences if elderly motorists are allowed to drive without the obligatory medical check-ups.


Better help for drug addicts

7. okt. 2014 13:06English

A new government bill proposes better help for drug addicts


Løkke prepared to include DPP in govt.

6. okt. 2014 14:06English

Liberal leader Lars Løkke Rasmussen rejected the idea of forming a government with the DPP in 2011, but has now apparently changed his mind.


Four reasons private schools are chosen

6. okt. 2014 14:04English

Increasing numbers of parents are taking their children out of the traditional Danish state schools.


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