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SSI releases personal health info

31. mar. 2015 12:54English

Statens Serum Institut has released personal health information on millions of patients to private companies and patient registries.


Men want children later in life

31. mar. 2015 12:52English

A new study suggests that men tend to be ready to have children later in life than women.


IS praises action of Danish terrorist

31. mar. 2015 12:51English

The official Islamic State internet magazine, Dabiq, has praised the Danish terrorist who carried out the recent attacks in Copenhagen.


Former Danish Nazi dies aged 93

31. mar. 2015 12:49English

The former leading Danish Nazi and SS officer, Søren Kam, has died aged 93.


Broader view of terrorism required

31. mar. 2015 12:47English

A new report on terrorist attacks over that last three years reveals that only one person involved in a terrorist attack had previously fought in Syria.


Holiday homes for EU citizens

30. mar. 2015 13:56English

Should the holiday homes rule, which prevents foreigners from buying holiday property in Denmark, be repealed?


Moderate Imams in prisons

30. mar. 2015 13:54English

The association of uniformed prison officers believes that more moderate Imams should work in prisons to help combat extremism.


Many women choose to be single mothers

30. mar. 2015 13:53English

It is becoming more common for older single women to choose artificial insemination as a ‘last resort’ after years spent looking for Mr Right.


Cost of war against IS

30. mar. 2015 13:50English

The cost of the Danish contribution to the coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq has now reached DKK 213 million.


Psychiatrist suspended

30. mar. 2015 13:49English

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has decided to suspend a psychiatrist from Funen who administered incorrect treatment for ten years.


Genetic testing on the rise

27. mar. 2015 13:28English

The number of Danes referred by their GP for genetic testing in the public health service has more than doubled in just four years


Red block eats into blue block support

27. mar. 2015 13:26English

A new Epinion poll conducted for DR News has the red block gaining six seats, thus making significant inroads into the blue block support.


Ruling benefits disabled children

27. mar. 2015 13:24English

Parents with disabled children across the country should benefit from a ruling by the National Social Appeals Board against Aarhus Municipality.


Boost for social housing in Copenhagen

27. mar. 2015 13:22English

The City of Copenhagen has taken an important step towards achieving its goal of having 20% social housing by 2025


Skagerrak awash with netting and plastic

27. mar. 2015 13:19English

Birds and fish in the Skagerrak are suffering as a result of marine rubbish, which is washing up on its beaches in large quantities.


Beeping soap dispensers can save lives

26. mar. 2015 14:18English

A new hospital project is using beeping soap dispensers to remind patients and staff to wash their hands.


Muslim men seek help at crisis centres

26. mar. 2015 14:16English

It is not only Muslim women who need protection as a result of honour-related conflicts; Muslim men are no strangers to men’s crisis centres.


Government favours more paternity leave

26. mar. 2015 14:15English

A large number of Social Democrat and Social Liberal MPs and parliamentary candidates want more dedicated paternity leave.


Fewer asylum seekers coming to Denmark

26. mar. 2015 14:13English

The number of people coming to Denmark to seek asylum continues to fall.


Challenges for HF programmes

26. mar. 2015 14:12English

Students choosing HF (higher preparatory) programmes often have poor basic school grades and are disaffected with schooling, according to a new study.


Dane on crashed plane

25. mar. 2015 13:16English

A Dane was on the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps on Tuesday morning.


Microplastics dumped wholesale in sea

25. mar. 2015 13:14English

Danish wastewater plants are unable to filter out many microplastics.


No refund for Dreamliner customers

25. mar. 2015 13:12English

When consumers purchase airline tickets, they cannot always expect to fly with a specific type of aircraft.


No homebuyers in provinces

25. mar. 2015 13:05English

Many elderly citizens cannot move from rural areas due to a lack of homebuyers.


Royals to lose hunting privileges

25. mar. 2015 13:04English

Royals to lose hunting privileges


Fewer Danes fighting for IS

24. mar. 2015 13:50English

Figures from PET show that in 2014, fewer Danes travelled abroad to fight for the Islamic State than in 2013.


Drug trafficking on Facebook

24. mar. 2015 13:49English

A number of Danish pushers now apparently prefer to sell their wares from home rather than from freezing street corners.


Bjarne Riis suspended

24. mar. 2015 13:47English

Bjarne Riis has been suspended by Team Tinkoff-Saxo owner Oleg Tinkoff.


Plastic fibre present in foodstuffs

24. mar. 2015 13:46English

New tests have revealed that certain foodstuffs contain microscopic plastic fibres that may originate from washing synthetic clothes.


Broader view of terrorism required

24. mar. 2015 13:43English

A new report on terrorist attacks over that last three years reveals that only one person involved in a terrorist attack had previously fought in Syria.


Jihadist’s mother speaks out

23. mar. 2015 13:18English

Mother would like to see a national network to help parents of radicalised young people.


Shopping mall shooting: Three arrested

23. mar. 2015 13:16English

Two injured and three attackers arrested following shooting in Fields shopping centre.


Tougher SocDem immigration policy

23. mar. 2015 13:14English

Tougher message on immigration in new SocDem campaign.


2,000 deleted from regional database

23. mar. 2015 13:12English

Many former patients in the Region of Southern Denmark want their personal medical information deleted from the controversial DAMD database.


Day care quality inadequate

23. mar. 2015 13:11English

Day care quality inadequate


Travel card deficit at DKK 256m

20. mar. 2015 13:26English

The travel card has been so poorly received that it is DKK 256m under the budget set in 2011.


Eritrea case officials leave jobs

20. mar. 2015 13:22English

Two government officials in the Eritrea case are now leaving the Danish Immigration Service.


Private day care booming

20. mar. 2015 13:20English

Nearly three times as many children now attend private nurseries and day care centres as eight years ago.


Eye doctors warn of eclipse damage

20. mar. 2015 13:16English

When the solar eclipse hits Denmark, it is important not to look directly into the sun.


Geertsen backs hijab discrimination

20. mar. 2015 13:13English

Liberal spokesperson on integration supports employer discrimination against women who wear hijab.


Overview of gov’t integration proposal

19. mar. 2015 14:00English

The Government has proposed significantly changing the conditions for refugees and immigrants with a new integration proposal.


Three wounded in Amager shopping centre

19. mar. 2015 13:58English

Three people were wounded on Wednesday in a parking garage shooting under the Field’s shopping centre in Amager.


Tax refund for 900,000 people

19. mar. 2015 13:56English

Many people in Denmark can look forward to a refund from the Danish Tax Authority, SKAT, this summer.


115 have now travelled to Syria

19. mar. 2015 13:54English

The terrorist threat against Denmark remains high.


Violence, threats lead to guard illness

19. mar. 2015 13:52English

Prison guards are now subjected to violence and threats 53% more than in 2011.


Fewer inter-ethnic marriages

18. mar. 2015 13:39English

New figures from Statistics Denmark show that Danish inter-ethnic marriages have become less common.


DKK 10,000 cover for online purchases

18. mar. 2015 13:38English

A new initiative by e-mark, the Danish accreditation scheme for safe online trading, will provide even greater security for consumers.


Danish F16s remain active in Iraq

18. mar. 2015 12:10English

In the past week, Danish F16 aircraft on deployment in Iraq have flown 11 missions and dropped nine bombs on enemy buildings and vehicles.


Government unveils new integration plan

18. mar. 2015 12:08English

Over the next two years, the government hopes to encourage 30,000 more refugees and immigrants to enter the job market through special programmes.


Phone-tapping proposal dropped

18. mar. 2015 12:07English

Following sharp criticism from experts, the government has dropped its proposal to allow the DDIS to freely phone-tap Danish citizens abroad.


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