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Terror case: 5 accused stay on remand

22. maj 2015 13:14English

The five men accused of assisting Omar El-Hussein with murder and attempted murder in Copenhagen will remain on remand for a further four weeks.


Agreement on new citizenship model

22. maj 2015 13:13English

Immigrants will no longer automatically have their applications for Danish citizenship rejected if they have previously received small fines.


9 out of 10 burglaries not investigated

22. maj 2015 13:12English

According to a new report from the National Audit Office, in 2014 the police dropped nine out of ten burglary cases.


Danes make great tax-payers

22. maj 2015 13:11English

Danes are frighteningly good at paying the tax that they owe.


Police engage with young extremists

22. maj 2015 13:10English

Since the terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen, the police in Aarhus have been regularly receiving reports about young potential extremists.


Police elite unit targets tax evaders

21. maj 2015 13:06English

A new strategy by the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime will crack down on tax evaders.


Politicians join debate on daycare

21. maj 2015 13:04English

A number of the parliamentary parties do not believe that allowing children to stay longer at daycare institutions is the way to go.


Mærsk accused of bribery in Brazil

21. maj 2015 13:03English

Danish company Mærsk has become embroiled in Brazil’s biggest corruption scandal.


Expert: Far-left violence increasing

21. maj 2015 13:02English

Political hate and violence practised by the far left against opponents on the right is increasing, according to an expert on political extremism.


Minister presents new citizenship model

21. maj 2015 13:01English

Minister of Justice Mette Frederiksen (SocDem) will today propose a new citizenship model to the government’s support parties.


Short daycare opening hours an issue

20. maj 2015 13:29English

Parents are suffering stress and many are having to reduce their hours or change jobs in order to match their working day to daycare opening hours.


Terminal cancer medicine questioned

20. maj 2015 13:28English

Cancer specialists at Vejle Hospital have questioned whether the use of life-prolonging medicine on terminal patients has gone too far.


Total confusion over illegal knives

20. maj 2015 13:26English

Denmark’s knife legislation is now veiled in confusion after the Court in Odense convicted a man of selling illegal knives in his shop.


Danish Facebook to get voter button

20. maj 2015 13:25English

Danes who vote in the general election in the next few months will be able to share the fact with their Facebook friends.


Disappointment: DK out of Eurovision

20. maj 2015 13:24English

For the first time since 2007, Denmark will not be represented in the Eurovision Song Contest final.


Extreme right to attend People’s Meeting

19. maj 2015 14:01English

The right-wing extremist Danskernes Parti will be allowed to hold a meeting on nationalism at this year’s Folkemødet on Bornholm.


Cruise ships dump sewage in Baltic

19. maj 2015 14:00English

Even though sewage can be offloaded in port, many cruise ships still discharge raw sewage into the Baltic Sea.


Right-wing Danes behind false FB sites

19. maj 2015 13:52English

A number of extreme Islamist Facebook sites have been set up by right-wing Danes to spread anti-Islamic propaganda.


Danish spy planes to Mediterranean

19. maj 2015 13:50English

Denmark is sending Challenger reconnaissance aircraft to support European efforts to stem the tide of migrants crossing the Mediterranean.


Supermarket pork infected with MRSA

19. maj 2015 13:48English

The Danish Consumer Council has found the multi-resistant MRSA CC398 bacteria in eight-out-of-25 packs of supermarket pork.


Danish soldiers’ appeal rejected

18. maj 2015 13:43English

In an open letter to the Danish parliament, Danish veterans have criticised the government’s treatment of Afghan interpreters.


Alternativet’s 30-hour week is costly

18. maj 2015 13:42English

Alternativet’s 30-hour week proposal will cost taxpayers DKK 27 billion.


Airlines to give PET passenger info

18. maj 2015 13:41English

New anti-terrorism legislation may grant PET wider access to airline passengers’ personal information.


Lessons from Utøya went unlearned

18. maj 2015 13:40English

The Danish police failed to learn from Norwegian experiences in the wake of the massacre on Utøya in summer 2011.


Police retained gang info illegally

18. maj 2015 13:39English

National Police may have violated rules on the retention of personal information.


Paid more tax for identical house

18. maj 2015 13:38English

Owners of identical houses taxed differently. Danish tax authority admits mistake.


Danish paedophiles on “Dark Web”

15. maj 2015 13:11English

Around 1,100 paedophiles, many of whom are Danish, have formed a secret internet chat forum that appears to be administered from Denmark.


Minister visits Danish troops in Iraq

15. maj 2015 13:10English

Minister for Defence Nicolai Wammen has visited Danish troops at the Ayn al-Asad base in Iraq for the first time.


Denmark outside EU asylum system

15. maj 2015 13:08English

European Commission plan to redistribute asylum seeker quotas meets resistance.


Passengers wait for compensation

15. maj 2015 12:55English

Passengers waiting to receive compensation for delayed flights have a long wait ahead of them.


Young voters desert SocDems

15. maj 2015 12:53English

While support for the Social Democrats would appear to be increasing, younger voters are not choosing to vote for the party.


940 farms face closure

13. maj 2015 13:14English

A new survey shows that 1,739 Danish farms are in crisis and have debts so great that they need urgent help. 940 may even face closure.


Danish hospitals lack consultants

13. maj 2015 13:13English

A new survey by DR News has revealed that all there are 500 unfilled positions for specialist consultants in regional hospitals.


Thorning performing better

13. maj 2015 13:11English

SocDems now have highest level of support since the 2011 election


Concern about EU Libya immigrant plans

13. maj 2015 13:10English

The Danish Refugee Council has expressed concern over EU plans to blockade Libya to prevent refugees from leaving the country.


Danish planes bomb Iraq

13. maj 2015 13:09English

During the past week, Danish planes have flown 12 missions over Iraq and dropped seven bombs on enemy forces and buildings.


Repercussions for Thy-Mors Hospital

12. maj 2015 13:26English

The revelation that an unqualified doctor performed surgery at Thy-Mors Hospital in Thisted is now having repercussions for the hospital’s management.


Minister faces terror attack grilling

12. maj 2015 13:22English

Minister of Justice Mette Frederiksen (SocDem) faces a grilling from the opposition parties on the police report on the terror attacks in Copenhagen.


Bus advertising dispute unresolved

12. maj 2015 13:20English

There are major differences in the perception of yesterday’s meeting between the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association and bus operator Movia.


Homeowners hit by interest rate rise

12. maj 2015 13:19English

In recent times, Danes have become used to a succession of historically low interest rates, but that trend may now be over.


PET staff unhappy about losing boss

12. maj 2015 13:18English

The staff at the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) are unhappy about losing their boss.


North Jutland hospitals to take action

11. maj 2015 13:36English

All North Jutland hospitals must now check that they are not employing inadequately qualified doctors.


DK sounded out Norway over Eritrea

11. maj 2015 13:35English

A previously unknown e-mail suggests that from the outset Denmark was looking to curb the influx of asylum seekers from Eritrea.


Proposed cash bonus for job finders

11. maj 2015 13:34English

The government now has another proposal that will “make it more attractive to work”: a cash bonus for long-term benefit recipients who find work.


DK refused to help UN Ebola workers

11. maj 2015 13:31English

When the Ebola epidemic was raging, Denmark repeatedly refused requests to help treat afflicted UN workers, reports Danish daily Politiken.


Insurers want change in gene test rules

11. maj 2015 13:29English

The Danish Insurance Association is demanding the right to be made aware of the results of any genetic testing of potential customers.


Police charge Uber taxi company

8. maj 2015 13:46English

The American transport service, Uber, has been charged by the police for breach of the Danish Taxis Act.


Maersk pays Iran DKK 1 million

8. maj 2015 13:45English

The Maersk ship Tigris was allowed to sail from Iranian waters this morning after nine days in Iranian captivity.


No logical connection in shootings

8. maj 2015 13:44English

Minister for Justice Mette Frederiksen (SocDem) has criticised Danish police for being too slow to react following the terrorist attack in February.


Mentally ill to foot inspections bill

8. maj 2015 13:43English

Confidence in the Danish Health and Medicines Agency’s inspections of healthcare professionals and the healthcare system in general must be restored.


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