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Red reprimand for Troels Lund Poulsen

28. jan. 2015 14:01English

A red-block majority holds Troels Lund Poulsen (Lib) politically accountable for the leaking of Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s tax details to BT.


Extra funding for anti-radicalisation

28. jan. 2015 13:59English

There is broad political backing for an agreement to prevent radicalisation of young people.


Jutland to take in bulk of new refugees

28. jan. 2015 13:57English

The majority of new refugees who take up residence in Denmark in 2015 after a period in a refugee centre will end up in Jutland.


Politicians: Iraq Commission a farce

28. jan. 2015 13:54English

MPs from both wings have branded the Iraq Commission a farce and are demanding to know why it is still not making any progress in its work.


Liquorice labelling rules to be relaxed

28. jan. 2015 13:51English

Since 1996, salty liquorice products, which contain ammonium chloride, have been labelled for adult-only consumption, but all that is about to change.


Politicians open to new donor plan

27. jan. 2015 13:55English

A broad political majority is to propose legislation that will make it possible to use a greater number of organs for transplants than previously.


Govt. criticised over bank union

27. jan. 2015 13:53English

Major parties criticised for their reticence to discuss the EU bank union.


No insurance cover for voluntary workers

27. jan. 2015 13:49English

If you visit old people, repair a kindergarden playground or do other voluntary work, make sure you check your insurance first.


Majority from Eritrea granted asylum

27. jan. 2015 13:47English

The Danish Immigration Service has decided to continue granting asylum to the majority of refugees from Eritrea.


Restrictions on woodburner emissions

27. jan. 2015 13:44English

The Danish government is to introduce new restrictions on CO2 particle emissions from woodburning stoves.


The digital courtroom

26. jan. 2015 14:22English

A new video system for considering extensions of custody has been installed in 56 courts and 150 prisons and detention centres throughout Denmark.


Negative interest costs millions

26. jan. 2015 14:21English

New figures reveal that the Danish National Bank’s negative interest rate on certificates of deposit has cost banks around DKK 370 million.


Children’s complaints rejected

26. jan. 2015 14:19English

The majority of complaints to the Danish Ombudsman’s Children and Young People’s Office are rejected out of hand.


More women and elderly running marathons

26. jan. 2015 14:18English

New statistics show that from once being considered an extreme sport, more women and elderly people are running marathons.


Fewer women have pap tests

26. jan. 2015 14:12English

Only 70 per cent of women in the Region of Southern Denmark are accepting the offer to be screened for cell changes in the womb.


Government accused of failing women

23. jan. 2015 12:35English

Organisations that work to fight human trafficking have criticised the Government for turning back on its promises.


Biggest shipwreck ever in DK forgotten

23. jan. 2015 12:31English

The National Museum of Denmark opens its new treasure exhibition, which includes items from one of the biggest shipwrecks in Danish history.


Impacts of the EU cash injection

23. jan. 2015 12:30English

People in Denmark will also feel the effects of the ECB stimulus package.


Municipalities hit by cyber attacks

23. jan. 2015 12:27English

A number of Danish municipalities are currently experiencing major cyber attacks involving extortion.


Under 15,000 sought asylum in 2014

23. jan. 2015 12:26English

Only 14,815 refugees sought asylum in Denmark in 2014 – far under Government estimates of 20,000.


Ministers to improve food for elderly

22. jan. 2015 12:44English

Ministers Dan Jørgensen (SocDem) and Manu Sareen (SocLib) have come up with an idea to improve the provision of food to elderly people requiring care.


Deported criminals soon back

22. jan. 2015 12:42English

When criminals are deported from Denmark, it would be reasonable to assume that they never return, but that is frequently not the case.


ECB rescue plan may benefit Denmark

22. jan. 2015 12:41English

This afternoon, history will most likely be written in the European economy – and Denmark could benefit.


Man remanded for terror threats

22. jan. 2015 12:40English

A 31-year-old man has been remanded in custody for four weeks by the Court in Frederiksberg for making terror threats on Facebook.


Skunk growers robbing power companies

22. jan. 2015 12:38English

Illegal skunk growers across the country are costing power companies, and hence consumers, millions of kroner.


3 boss: No tax to pay

21. jan. 2015 13:53English

There is nothing remarkable in the fact that 3 has never paid tax in Denmark given that the company has not yet made any profit, says 3 boss.


Danish appetite for far-right party

21. jan. 2015 13:51English

The immigration policy of the Danish People’s Party is no longer strict enough for many Danes.


Danes fooled by politico speak

21. jan. 2015 13:50English

For many years, the majority of Danes have been completely misunderstanding a key political term – “labour supply”.


Asylum costs expected to double

21. jan. 2015 13:48English

The government anticipates that asylum-related costs in 2015 will rise sharply to DKK 9.2 billion, according to figures from a number of ministries.


Car buyers choose style over safety

21. jan. 2015 13:45English

Car buyers appear not to be overly concerned about equipment that could stop them getting hurt or even save their lives, according to a new survey.


Manu Sareen to stop handicap proposal

20. jan. 2015 13:15English

Manu Sareen has defied the political majority and acceded to the demands of national handicap organisations in regard to a controversial proposal.


EU looks to Arab countries for help

20. jan. 2015 13:13English

The EU is now wooing a number of Arabic countries and more of its western partners in the hope of stemming the tide of terrorist attacks in Europe.


Record support for Mohammed cartoons

20. jan. 2015 13:11English

Support for Danish daily Jyllands-Posten’s decision to publish the controversial Mohammed cartoons has never been greater that it is today.


Further delays to Femern project

20. jan. 2015 13:10English

The Femern Belt project has now been hit by further delays.


Important new DTU research

20. jan. 2015 13:07English

A new European project aims to make it easier to diagnose outbreaks of infection across international borders.


Thorning to visit Sierra Leone

19. jan. 2015 14:20English

Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt is to visit Sierra Leone, where she will also visit Danish health personnel there to help fight the Ebola epidemic.


University plan to foil cheaters

19. jan. 2015 14:17English

In future, students at the University of Southern Denmark will have their computers monitored when they sit exams.


Border trade affects soft drinks plan

19. jan. 2015 14:15English

The government’s plan to attract a greater proportion of the soft drinks trade back into Danish supermarkets has not gone as well as expected.


Fall in oil prices could affect Togfond

19. jan. 2015 14:12English

Togfonden – the foundation designed to provide investment in the Danish rail network has fallen victim to record low oil prices.


Handball and Human Rights in Qatar

19. jan. 2015 13:53English

An increasing number of major sports events are being held in counties with poor human rights records.


Danish aid for victims of Boko Haram

16. jan. 2015 13:09English

Denmark is donating DKK 12.5 million to support the victims of the worsening humanitarian situation in Nigeria and its neighbouring countries.


Liberals push for change to terror bill

16. jan. 2015 13:07English

The Liberals are proposing that in future citizens should be required to obtain a permit to travel to “terror zones” such as Syria and Northern Iraq


Copenhagen children thriving in daycare

16. jan. 2015 13:05English

For Himmelbuen daycare institution, extra funding has been translated into additional educators and greater success with vulnerable children.


Record fines over contaminated food

16. jan. 2015 13:03English

Orkla Foods, Full House, System Frugt and Hedegaard Foods top the list of companies that have recently received large fines relating to food safety.


Storm surge: Will you be affected?

16. jan. 2015 13:02English

A number of cities and towns are inadequately equipped to handle rising water levels such as those we saw during Storm Bodil and Storm Egon.


Politicians united over court no-shows

15. jan. 2015 13:10English

Accused persons who deliberately fail to attend court hearings without any legal justification should be made to pay, believes a united opposition


Politicians disagree over Grimhøj Mosque

15. jan. 2015 13:09English

The Liberals and the Danish People’s Party are in disagreement over the controversial Grimhøj Mosque.


Court summons process failing

15. jan. 2015 13:06English

A new study shows that more than a third of trial postponements in Denmark are the result of the police being unable to find the accused.


Colder weather on the way

15. jan. 2015 13:04English

Colder weather is on the way, reports the Danish Meteorological Institute in its monthly forecast.


Fees eating into mortgage interest gains

14. jan. 2015 13:55English

Mortgage interest rates are at a historic low, but before home-owners get too carried away, they might want to take a closer look at their fees.


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