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Islamic State war bill grows

17. apr. 2015 13:22English

The estimated one-year cost of fighting IS from the air has been reached in six months.


Sexism encounters shared on Twitter

17. apr. 2015 13:20English

Twitter buzzed yesterday with Danish women’s encounters with sexism.


Terror charges for yells from cell

17. apr. 2015 13:17English

A young man has been indicted for terrorism due to threats shouted from his jail cell.


Ad’s use of “Nazi-islamism” draws ire

17. apr. 2015 13:15English

The Conservatives’ latest campaign has drawn criticism from a religious scholar from Copenhagen University.


New IKEA in mid-Copenhagen

17. apr. 2015 13:14English

IKEA has announced the opening of a branch in the Copenhagen district of Vesterbro in 2018.


No more pillar to post for patients

16. apr. 2015 13:28English

In future, the most seriously ill patients will be spared having to explain their illness and symptoms to a number of different doctors.


Copenhagen City Bikes facing bankruptcy

16. apr. 2015 13:26English

The foundation behind Copenhagen City Bikes has lost confidence in the ability of bicycle supplier Gobike to fulfil its contract.


Folkeskole not geared to pupils of faith

16. apr. 2015 13:25English

Danish municipal primary and lower-secondary schools are generally not good at talking about religion with pupils, which is proving problematic.


Wounded policeman lacked training

16. apr. 2015 13:24English

One of the two police officers on duty at the Copenhagen synagogue attacked on 15 February had not received the compulsory annual firearms training.


Study disproves breastfeeding-ADHD link

16. apr. 2015 13:22English

Mothers can stop worrying; their child will not develop ADHD if they fail to breastfeed for long enough.


Systemic inequality in cancer rehab

15. apr. 2015 13:19English

The Danish health service is unintentionally practising social inequality in its provision of rehabilitation to cancer patients.


Unions address unemployment benefit

15. apr. 2015 13:18English

The government’s recurring headache, unemployment benefit, is returning to the political agenda after a period overshadowed by other topics.


Omar shared cell with IS supporter

15. apr. 2015 13:15English

Omar shared cell with IS supporter


Puppet Party popularity questioned

15. apr. 2015 13:09English

According to its own vision, the Puppet Party is a statement of mistrust in politicians; but there may be good reason to mistrust the party itself.


Danish F16s bomb 4 targets in Iraq

15. apr. 2015 13:07English

In the past week, Danish F16 aircraft in Iraq have flown 11 offensive missions, on four occasions dropping bombs on preselected targets.


One third of children have asthma

14. apr. 2015 13:59English

A new survey by Danish researchers reveals that one third of all children born between 1997 and 2011 suffer from either asthma or allergies.


Fewer pupils choose apprenticeships

14. apr. 2015 13:58English

New figures from the Ministry of Education show that the number of lower secondary school leavers choosing a vocational course has fallen a little.


Foreign aid donations decreasing

14. apr. 2015 13:57English

According to a new survey, the number of people who wish to contribute to Denmark’s foreign aid programme is decreasing.


Bookies predict 9 June election

14. apr. 2015 13:56English

Figures from bookmakers Danske Spil indicate that many gamblers betting on the election date now believe it will be held on 9 June.


Solicitors allowed to break VAT laws

14. apr. 2015 13:52English

The Danish Taxation Authority has allowed thousands of solicitors to break the rules laid down in the Danish VAT Act in connection with bankruptcies.


DKK 34.6 million in Cancer collection

13. apr. 2015 13:33English

On Sunday, the Danish public donated DKK 34.6 million on the Danish Cancer Association’s national collection day.


Queen speaks out on immigration debate

13. apr. 2015 13:32English

In a rare interview in the Sunday edition of Berlingske Tidende, the Queen made it clear what Danish society expects of refugees and immigrants.


No cars on cooking oil in Denmark

13. apr. 2015 13:31English

Although recycling used cooking oil is big business in the USA, Denmark lags behind with no effective control system in place.


Night duty care workers often alone

13. apr. 2015 13:30English

Cutbacks have resulted in fewer staff on night duty in care homes for the elderly.


Banks get bankruptcy assets

13. apr. 2015 13:29English

Nine out of ten bankruptcies end with there being no money left for ordinary creditors after the company has been wound up.


Syria suspect has passport confiscated

10. apr. 2015 13:21English

A 23-year-old man has had his passport confiscated and been banned from travelling for one year under the new Syria Act, which came into force on 1 March.


ADHD therapy can save millions

10. apr. 2015 13:20English

Results from Sweden show that providing inmates with treatment for ADHD can save the state significant amounts of money.


Government proposes new study break

10. apr. 2015 13:19English

The government has proposed a two-year break between bachelor’s and master’s courses to allow students to gain work experience.


Airbus A380 to fly to Copenhagen

10. apr. 2015 13:17English

Emirates will be the first airline to introduce the giant Airbus A380 on the route from Dubai to Copenhagen.


Hassan not sophisticated enough

10. apr. 2015 13:16English

The DPP’s Søren Espersen laid into controversial poet Yahya Hassan last night on DR2’s Debatten.


Education reform talks break down

9. apr. 2015 13:28English

Upper secondary education reform talks break down following political disagreement over admission requirements.


75 years since German occupation

9. apr. 2015 13:26English

75 years ago today, German troops occupied Denmark. The occupation lasted five years until the country was officially liberated on 5 May 1945.


Survey: many children are unhappy

9. apr. 2015 13:25English

A new survey of children’s lives shows that many suffer from anxiety and are unhappy.


Health info may endanger government

9. apr. 2015 13:24English

A majority outside the government would like to see vast amounts of illegally collected patient data deleted.


Free training leads to jobs

9. apr. 2015 13:23English

Free courses of training for the unemployed in Silkeborg may be reducing unemployment figures.


Ankle monitors not suitable for all

8. apr. 2015 13:34English

Ankle monitors have been shown to be an effective form of punishment; however, a new survey reveals they are not appropriate for every type of crime.


Listeria found in McDonald’s products

8. apr. 2015 13:32English

The listeria bacteria have been found in two batches of vegetables used in some McDonald’s products.


Fitness icon to enter politics

8. apr. 2015 13:17English

Fitness icon Charlotte Bircow has announced that she is to stand for parliament as a candidate for the Liberal Alliance.


Danish Crown fires 110 workers

8. apr. 2015 13:15English

110 workers at the Danish Crown plant in Faaborg were made redundant when they returned to work after the Easter break.


Hassan may encourage voters

8. apr. 2015 13:14English

Election researcher suggests poet Yahya Hassan’s decision to stand for election as a candidate for the National Party may encourage immigrants to vote.


Danish company to recruit Poles

7. apr. 2015 14:04English

This summer, the construction company NCC will open its own recruitment agency in Poland.


MFR vaccine to remain optional

7. apr. 2015 14:01English

Three out of four people would like to see the MFR vaccine, which is effective against measles, mumps and rubella, made compulsory.


Majority reject EU legal reservations

7. apr. 2015 13:50English

Many Danes would like to see the Danish EU legal reservations replaced by the so-called ‘option’ scheme.


Ankle monitors are popular alternatives

7. apr. 2015 13:48English

Ankle monitors are proving to be a popular method of serving a prison sentence at home.


Yahya Hassan to enter politics

7. apr. 2015 13:46English

The young Muslim poet, Yahya Hassan, is to join the newly formed National Party.


The cost of parenthood

1. apr. 2015 13:41English

An extensive Danish study has calculated that the total cost of having a child via artificial insemination is DKK 76,413.


Danes undecided on budget airlines

1. apr. 2015 13:39English

Many say they would be happy to boycott budget airlines with poor pay and working conditions for cabin crew, but few are prepared to follow through.


Disabled politician declared biased

1. apr. 2015 13:38English

Disabled politician declared biased


B&O shares close on a high

1. apr. 2015 13:37English

Following the sale of its automotive division, shares in Danish Hi-Fi manufacturer B&O rose by 28% – the highest since last August.


SocDem ‘Home Help’ scheme proposal

1. apr. 2015 13:35English

SocDem ‘Home Help’ scheme proposal


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