Executive Board

DR is managed by an executive board made up of 11 members who are appointed for a four-year period. Three members, including the chairman, are appointed by the Minister for Culture, six by Parliament and two by the employees of DR.

The Executive Board has the overall responsibility for the financial management of DR and for ensuring that the regulations of the Radio and Television Broadcasting Act are respected. The Executive Board also establishes the guidelines for DR's activities and appoints the members of the Management Board.

The 11 members:

  • Michael Christiansen
  • Nanna Kalinka Bjerke
  • Dan Boyter
  • Trine Gregorius
  • Lars L. Nielsen
  • Line Barfod
  • Torben Dalby Larsen
  • Katrine Winkel Holm
  • Dennis Nørmark
  • Stig Paulsen
  • Hanne Ried Larsen
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