Rules for the National Danish Song Contest 2016

You can submit your entries for the Danish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest now. The deadline is September 7th 2015.

(Foto: © Liselotte Sabroe, Liselotte Sabroe)

1. The Danish National Song Contest 2016 is a national contest to select the musical entry to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (ESC 2016).

DR will select the compositions in open competition among the contributions submitted and among compositions selected by DR’s selection committee.

2. Either the composer, song writer – or the performing artist must be Danish citizens or must have corresponding, strong relations to Denmark. (Residence in Denmark for a considerable number of years, marriage to or cohabitation with a Dane, etc.). Danes resident in the Faroe Islands who are recorded in the population register there may also participate. In case of any doubt, a final decision about any participation will be made by DR. No appeal will lie against any such decision.

3. The compositions chosen for the competition (music, text, demo recording) with a maximum duration of 3 minutes should generally not in any way have been performed in public, officially published on any media, or sold without explicit consent from DR. This includes but is not limited to radio, TV, the Internet (eg. YouTube etc.). DR must be informed immediately if the composition has been published earlier on eg. SoundCloud and it is up to DR to decide if the composition can join the competition.

If the abovementioned is not complied with or if DR estimates that the entry does not comply EBUs conditions and rules for the ESC 2016 or has gained an advantage in the competition compared to the other entries DR has the right to disqualify the entry.

4. Composers and song writers may contribute one or more entries.

5. The entry will be performed in an optional language at the Danish National Song Contest 2016. The winning entry will be performed in an optional language at the semi-finals and, if successful, at the final of the ESC 2016. The language will be chosen in consultation with DR.

Political statements, swearing, or other unacceptable use of language is prohibited in the text.

No commercial statements of any kind are allowed.

6. Entries are to be submitted electronically via Entries must be received on or before Monday 7th September 2015. Entries submitted later will not be considered. Entries that are not in compliance with these Rules will be disqualified.

7. Entries not selected for the final will be destroyed by DR. All contributors will be notified directly by DR of selection or otherwise. The contributors of the compositions selected for the final will be contacted directly. When the compositions for this year’s final have been selected it will be published on

8. DR will listen to all compositions, and the selection committee does not initially know the names of composers or song writers. The selection committee will be appointed by DR, and its membership will not be disclosed to the public. No appeal lies against the result.

9. The titles of the compositions, the names etc. of the composers and song writers will be published by DR in a press release or at a press meeting when all copyright owners have been contacted and binding agreements have been made.

Until then, the selection will be confidential. Later, both soloists and order of presentation at the Danish National Song Contest 2016 will be disclosed.

10. At the Danish National Song Contest 2016 the compositions must be performed as singback – i.e. without live bands, but with taped instrumental music and chorus. At ESC 2016 all vocals including chorus must be 100 % live (no sampling etc. of vocals). Recording of singback tapes will be by agreement with DR.

11. Each performance may consist of a maximum of 6 persons on stage, at the Danish National Song Contest and the ESC, respectively. DR decides the number of persons on stage.

12. All artists must be at least 16 years old on the broadcasting date.

13. DR will choose the soloists to perform the songs in consultation with the copyright owners. The soloists must be selected mid-November 2015 at the latest. In case of disagreement, DR’s choice(s) will take precedence.

14. Composers’, song writers’ or soloists’ pre-existing agreements with record companies and managements will be of no concern to DR, and will not affect the course of the contest or the TV show. Thus, composer(s), song writer(s), soloists and other contributors as well as any record companies and managements must accept EBU’s conditions and rules.

15. Composers, song writers and soloists participating in the Danish National Song Contest 2016 are obliged to perform on a combined CD and possibly a DVD of all participating compositions. The CD is published by DR Salg in cooperation with an acknowledged record company. The Danish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is obligated to contribute to an ESC 2016 compilation CD and DVD published by an acknowledged record company chosen by EBU.

16. The compositions may be released on own solo after performance at the Danish National Song Contest 2016. The composition is not to be published on a compilation release, either in Denmark or abroad until after date set by DR.

17. DR has the final say in the production of the TV show and the performance of the compositions. This applies to the fields of orchestration, stage props, cameras, lights, choreography, monitor, PA and TV sound, costumes, styling, etc. Marketing and press work will be coordinated by DR’s press division.

18. Personal sponsoring of soloists, costumes, etc., is not permitted.

19. Selected soloists etc., in the Danish final are not obvious candidates to represent Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. DR will decide in consultation with the copyright owners which soloists etc., are to contribute to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. When participating in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, the Danish entry must accept EBU’s then-current rules and regulations.

20. The designations "MELODI GRAND PRIX" (Danish National Song Contest) or ”EUROVISION SONG CONTEST" are not to be used for marketing purposes, on CD and DVD covers or any other reproduction, without prior written agreement with DR and/or EBU.

21. The selected compositions participating in the Danish National Song Contest, Melodi Grand Prix 2016, must not in any way be performed, officially published or sold until after the final, unless DR has given specific permission or in connection with media/programmes selected by DR.

22. DR and EBU are entitled to publicly perform, record and release the Danish winning entry, in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, in the countdown shows before and after the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, as well as over the Internet etc. – in accordance with the then-current rules and regulations defined by EBU.

23. If participants or soloists breach any of the present rules, DR reserves the right to eliminate an entry or the soloist(s), thereby omitting – in whole or in part - to pay any fees or compensation. Any fees etc. already paid may be reclaimed.

24. In case of contravention of the rules on publication and the contest caused by a participant, soloist or other contributor, such person will be liable alone and will be bound to indemnify DR from any claim raised in that connection. DR accepts no liability, and DR reserves the right to exclude the person from any further participation.

25. In the days following the Danish National Song Contest the winner must be available to take part in various press work and take the necessary time to - as part of preparation for participation in ESC 2016 - immediately entering the necessary collaborative agreements upon agreement with DR.

Further details will be presented and enter into force by agreement with composer(s) and soloist(s) later in any agreement process about the participation.

26. No DR employees or members of their household may participate in the Danish National Song Contest 2016 unless given special dispensation. If in doubt please contact the undersigned.

27. The participants warrant by acceptance, see paragraph 6, that the present rules will be followed.

28. These rules have been stipulated by DR, and DR reserves the right to amend the rules and/or make decisions on the adaptation and interpretation of the rules.

DR Byen, June 2015

Marie Breyen,

Event Manager