The traditional wedding waltz just before midnight

According to etiquette, the traditional wedding waltz shall be danced before midnight. The wedding couple made it just in time. Then followed a large, beautiful and romantic firework display to mark the end a long wedding day.

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Pictures of the new royal couple

See the photos of Mary and Frederik from the church

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Mary tasted City Hall pancakes

Mary Donaldson got a helping glance from her future Mother-in-law, during the reception at the Copenhagen City Hall.

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The Monarchy in Denmark

The Danish monarchy is among the oldest in the world. However, there is not much Harald Bluetooth in the royal family these days.
A man of his time

The crown prince compels the respect of men and women of all ages. He is straightforward, attentive, listening, but not in a backslapping way. It has taken a while for him to find his own style. And he admits that it has not been easy.
A modern princess

She is mature, self-confident, loving, and curious. Mary Donaldson has the star quality that comes with being a crown princess. She will need it all. A life in the limelight requires a strong mentality.
Romantic wedding in Copenhagen

Denmark now has its new Princess. Mary Donaldson said Yes to Crown Prince Frederik.
The Bishop will address the bride and groom directly

Today, when the Bishop gives his speech to the Royal bridal couple, he will only be speaking to them. He is certain that if he says something useful to them, there will also be something in it for the audience.
Mary: We wish to have many children

Denmarks Crown Princess to be wishes to have many children, she says in an interview prior to the wedding.
Mary won the royal match race

John Bertrand and Mary succeeded in giving the victory to the Australian boat, in the royal match race in Copenhagen Harbour.
Princess Benedikte: Give Mary some privacy

Princess Benedikte urges the press and the public to give Mary Donaldson some peace.
Rehearsal for the royal wedding

There will be a lot of noise when the crown prince couple will drive coach through the streets. During Easter the court held a rehearsal.
Last minute preparations

Copenhagen is ready for the royal event.
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A royal event
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