A modern princess
18. april 2004 10:27
Mary Donaldson
Mary Donaldson is studying hard to learn the very difficult Danish language
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By Helle Bygum, royal reporter

A less mature and – in the best meaning of the word – confident woman, would probably have had visibly shaking knees and a nervously trembling voice at her first public appearance for her new grand family: The Danish population.

Mary Donaldson
Mary Elisabeth Donaldson is born on the 5th of February 1972 in Tasmania in Australia. She is the youngest of four.
Mary’s mother was a secretary at the University of Tasmania. She died in 1997 during a heart surgery.
Mary’s father John Dalgleish Donaldson, born 1941, is a professor of mathematics. He has re-married the author Susan Moody.
The Donaldson family comes from Edinburgh, Scotland. In 1963 Henrietta and John Donaldson settled in Tasmania.
Mary began and finished her schooling in local schools in Tasmania. During this period the family spent several years in the United States, where the father worked for NASA.
Mary has a double bachelor degree in law and commerce from the University of Tasmania (1995).
Up until the turn of the year 2001-2002 Mary was employed at a real estate agency in Sidney. In September 2002 she moved to Copenhagen where she worked for Microsoft.
Mary originally had double citizenship, both Australian and British. When marrying the crown prince Mary will get Danish citizenship.

A loving, devoted, curious, but also merciless and greedy grand family, which the pretty Australian girl Mary Elizabeth Donaldson shall learn to live with, get to know and to love. Up close and yet at a distance.

The première was elegant. And the crown prince’s bride of choice appeared as a love-struck, natural, smiling, listening and thoughtful woman when she was presented at the announcement of the engagement.

Undoubtedly intelligent and independent. And, in her own words, reserved and modest by nature. That is one of the reasons why it had been possible to keep the relation a secret for a relatively long period of time. And a reason why it was not difficult for her to dismiss all the curious approaches with ‘no comments’. The friendly manner in which she has done it has only given her more points.

A woman with star-quality
Mary Donaldson has asked friends and family not to talk about her childhood and youth up until now – not that she has anything to hide, but because she protects her private life.

Friends who have spoken about her say she has star quality. She has poise, she is well mannered, sharp and she has charm. And she dances splendidly, which Danish ministers have experienced at the royal galla arrangements with dances, which she has attended.

An Australian friend even adds that Mary will like the limelight. And let us hope this is true, because it is relentlessly there, will not be hushed and will mercilessly reveal hesitation the day it shows behind the glamorous and confident appearance.

Reality with fairy dust
A regular Australian, well-educated girl who meets a charming young man, not even aware that he is a crown prince. Three years later when marrying she will become Denmark’s crown princess and one day she will be the queen of the country.

It is reality with fairy dust, but definitely also an adventure, which has taken mature consideration to commence.
Mary Donaldson

© colourpress.com/JJ Film/Mads Jørgensen
A journey from one end of the world to the other – physically and mentally. A new life in the princess’ school, which will demand a lot from its pupil.

Mary Donaldson has chosen her new life out of pure love. This together with her sport mentality and other qualities will surely help her to live a harmonic princess life, in which she will find her very own style – just like her crown prince.
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