Carl Nielsen finalist: I have a couple of things I always take with me

When twenty-five-year-old Liya Petrova from Bulgaria is on her travels she always takes certain items with her.

One of the three finalists in the 2016 Carl Nielsen International Violin Competition is Liya Petrova. She tells us the three items she always takes along with her when she is travelling around to concerts and competitions.

“The first thing is a hotel mute. It’s saved my life many, many times, because sometimes you have neighbours who are not in the mood to listen to your skills. I like using it in the evening so I can practice whenever I want”, Liya explains.

She also takes a couple of other items along.

“Red lip gloss! It has also saved my life sometimes”, she says, and continues:

The third thing, that I don’t have with me, but it is on my phone, is the bible. I like to read it sometimes. There is a lot of wisdom in it.