Here are the winners

A list of all the prize winners.

(Foto: Knud Erik Jørgensen OS/Nikon)

First Prize:


A recording contract with Orchid Classics worth €13,000

At least ten concerts with orchestras in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Winners: Ji Yoon Lee & Liya Petrova

2nd Prize:


Not awarded

3rd Prize:


Winner: Luke Hsu

New 4th Prize:

3x €1,000

Winners: Soo-Hyun Park, Ji Won Song, Karen Kido

Watch the awards ceremony here:

Best Danish Interpretation (of a new piece by Danish composer Jesper Koch)


Winner: Soo-Huyn Park

The Odense Symphony Orchestra Prize:


Winner: Ji Yoon Lee

Children’s Jury Prize:


This year the Children’s Jury consisted of children all of whom play a stringed instrument. Their parents play in the Odense Symphony Orchestra or the children are pupils of current or former members of the orchestra. The twelve string players are aged from eight to seventeen. Three play the ‘cello and nine play the violin. The Children’s Jury attended the finals on 21 and 22 April.

Winner: Ji Yoon Lee