Znaider is candid: Jury disagreed on choice of finalists

Late on Tuesday night when Jury President Nikolaj Znaider announced the names of the three contestants who’d made it into the finals of the 2016 Carl Nielsen International Violin Competition he was a man of few words. “As you have no doubt worked out from the time of night, it hasn’t been an easy decision. But the majority has spoken.”

The announcement came half an hour later than expected, and the Jury was clearly ill-at-ease as the names of the finalists were read aloud. Znaider later confirmed to us that when the jury retired at the end of the semifinals to arrive its verdict, arriving at the result had been a real ding-dong battle.

The members of the jury disagreed as regards what ought to count for most, and the works to be lent most weight, he says. He doesn’t try to hide the fact that he disagrees with the results of the semi-finals. But in the end he had to bow to the majority view.

“There was a clear majority in favour of the three contestants who have ended up in the finals. It’s just not a verdict I can concur with”, he says in vexation, explaining that he’d have liked to see others make the finals.

He respects the jury’s verdict

He might not like the results of the semi-finals in the 2016 Carl Nielsen International Violin Competition but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect the jury’s verdict, he emphasises.

“I respect the result because I am president of the jury and the buck stops with me. In situations like this you simply have to agree to disagree”, he told us. He also insists that the discord won’t affect his future as president of the jury for future Carl Nielsen International Violin Competitions

I certainly don’t intend to walk out and slam the door just because we disagree. When all’s said and done it’s only a competition, after all. The result doesn’t define who or what the contestants are. In reality the result of a competition like this merely reflects what the jury could agree on. No more, no less”, says Znaider. Watch Nikolaj Znaider announce the three finalists