Play-out facilities - DR Copenhagen

DR is equipped with play-out facilities for Betacam, DVCPRO, DVCAM, MINIDV as well as P2 and SD-Card.

DR is equipped with play-out facilities. (Foto: Lars Munk Jensen © DR)

If you want a play-out from Denmark, we can arrange that from our Master Control (MCR) in DR. We are equipped with play-out facilities for Betacam (SP, Digital, SX, IMX) and DVCPRO both in PAL and NTSC and as well as DVCAM and MINIDV in PAL, P2 and SD-Card. We can also offer "Live stand-up" from our MCR mini-studio with MCR Control room as background and IFB facilities via ISDN and analogue telephone lines. In our MCR we can do both 4:3 and 16:9-pictures. Booking of the above mentioned facilities are calculated in accordance with CIRAP prices.

If you want to book play-out, live stand-up, SNG- or ENG-crew, just call our booking office, phone +45 3520 6215, fax +45 3520 6233, to call Gert Boffy Lillelund - - in working hours week days Mon-Fri. 0830-1600 local time. Outside Office hours please contact our Master Control Room or call on +45 3520 6200, fax +45 3520 6233.

All transmissions for EBU members are normally sent via the EBU Network as we are CNCT for EBU in Denmark. The transmissions can be booked with planning at EBU in Geneva with DKDR/Copenhagen as origin. We have one uplink-antenna pointing directly at the EBU transponders on Eutelsat W3 (7 degrees East). We have other steer-able antennas for up-linking to different satellites.

You find our MCR by attendance in the main reception at the ground floor of Segment 1 (Opgang 3). The address is:


DR Byen

Emil Holms Kanal 20

DK-0999 Copenhagen C.

Here you just ask for The Master Control Room (ext. 6200), after which you will be picked up and guided by the MCR technician on duty.

Coordination before and during the transmission is carried out via the following phone numbers: +45 3520 6200 (MCR), +45 3520 6220 (Coordination), IFB: +45 3295 1086.