When to register?

In Denmark anyone who has a television or a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access has to pay a media licence. 

  1. Register for the media licence
  2. How much is the media licence?
  3. How do I get monthly payments?
  4. The media licence if you are moving
  5. Media licence deregistration
  6. Who and what is covered by a licence?
Register for the media licence

Do you watch television or surf the internet? If you do, you have to pay a media licence.

Contact DR Licence

If you have any questions about the media licence we will be happy to help you.

Media Licence

Public service

The media licence goes to secure public service in Denmark.

Paying the media licence

Here you can read some more information about paying the media licence

What does the law say?

The rules about the media licence are set by the Danish Parliament.