The media licence if you are moving

What happens to the licence when you move?

Moving to a new address

Your licence moves with you automatically, when you change your address at the national register.

You may deregister your licence, if you move in with your spouse, partner or your parents and they already pay a licence.

Moving in with another licence

If you move in with someone, who is already registered, you could be covered by their licence.

If you share an address with your spouse, partner or with your parents, and they are already registered with a licence, then you are covered by them and you may deregister your own licence.

You are not covered by a roommate, a friend or by your siblings. It is not possible to pay your licence through the rent.

Moving abroad

If you leave Denmark for a period of time, which is three months or longer, you may deregister your licence. Please note, that you must remain registered with a licence while you are abroad, if you maintain your Danish address and there are appliances subject to the licence at that address.

You must register again, when you return to Denmark.

If you deregister for a period of time that is shorter than three months, your licence will automatically be for the full period when you register again.


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