Media licence – Terms and conditions

You can read the general terms and conditions for the private licence here.

Who needs to pay a licence?

You are legally obligated to register for a licence when you are of legal age, have a Danish cpr-number and address, and have one or more appliances subject to the licence fee.

You must register regardless of whether you make use of DR’s services or not.

The rules about the media licence are set by Parliament and are described in the Executive Order on Licence Fees by the Ministry of Culture.

Who and how many are covered by one licence?

The licence covers the licence holder, the licence holder’s cohabiting spouse or partner in a marriage-like relationship, and children living at home. Members of a household must be registered with the National Register at the same address.

You are not covered by your landlord, roommate, sibling, friends or grandparents.

What does the licence cover?

A licence covers all appliances in a household. A household means the licence holder and this persons’ cohabiting spouse or partner and children living at home.

The licence also covers appliances in:

  • vacation homes

  • cars

  • boats

  • caravans.


You may pay your licence every month or every six months. You may change the frequency and register for automatic payments through direct debit (Betalingsservice) at

How much is the licence?

The current prices for the licence are listed here: How much is the media licence?

Betalingsservice (Direct debit)

When you pay through Betalingsservice (direct debit) you do not have to keep track of any paperwork and you save time.

You may register for Betalingsservice through this link: Tilmeld Betalingsservice. You may also register your payments with Betalingsservice in your bank or when you pay your next licence bill online.

Monthly payments

For monthly payments it is required that you pay through direct debit.

If you decline payment twice in a row, your payment will automatically be changed from monthly to half-yearly and you will receive an invoice.

Half-yearly payments

If you choose to pay your licence half-yearly, you will be charged at six-month intervals from the month you are registered. This means that if you have signed up for the licence in May, your licence will be due for payment in May and November.

What happens when you make a late payment?

If you do not pay your licence on time, we will send you a reminder with an additional fee of 100 DKK. Interest shall accrue on licence fees from the day of the final due date.

If the reminder is not paid on time DR Licens will hand the bill over to the Danish tax authorities(SKAT) for collection. When the bill has been handed over, you will receive a new bill from SKATwith additional fees and accrued interest.

The licence is private

When registering for the licence, you are asked to fill in your identification number, because the licence is yours personally. This means the licence will automatically go with you, if you move to a new address at a later date.

Please be advised that your licence will not be deregistered automatically when you move, even if you move in with someone whose licence you may be covered by.

Cancelling media licence

Deregistration must be in writing and takes effect from the date it is received by DR Licens.

Please note that the licence cannot be deregistered by cancelling the direct debit agreement (Betalingsservice).

Change of address DR Licens will automatically get your new address from the national register. Your licence will continue as before at the new address.

If you move in with another licence holder, whom you are covered by, then you must remember to cancel you licence. Read more about cancelling the media licence.

What if you move abroad?

licence will automatically be cancelled, when the National Register has been notified that you are leaving Denmark.

Please note that if you maintain a Danish address while abroad, for instance a holiday house or a second apartment, you are still required to pay a licence unless all devices subject to the fee have been removed from the premises.