Paying the media licence

Here you can read some more information about paying the media licence

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How much is it?

The media licence is 1.353 DKK a year in 2020. That is:

  • 112,75 DKK., if you chose to pay every month*

  • 676,50 DKK., if you chose to pay every six months.

*Monthly payments must be made through Betalingsservice (direct debit) and include a fee of 4.33 DKK to cover the cost of the transaction.

Betalingsservice – go green and pay on time

When you pay through Betalingsservice (direct debit) you do not have to keep track of any paperwork and you save time.

You may

for Betalingsservice through this link: Tilmeld Betalingsservice. You may also
your payments with Betalingsservice in your bank or when you pay your next licence bill online.