What happens when I make a late payment?

It pays to be on time

If you do not pay your licence on time, we will send you a reminder with an additional fee of 100 DKK.

Interest shall accrue on licence fees from the day of the final due date.

If the reminder is not paid on time DR Licens will hand the bill over to the Danish tax authorities (SKAT) for collection. When the bill has been handed over, you will receive a new bill from SKAT with additional fees and accrued interest.

If you do not pay the bill to SKAT, the amount owed will be docked from your pay.

Have you received an invoice from SKAT? For more information, please go to SKAT’s homepage.

If you pay your licence monthly

If you do not pay the monthly rate on time, the amount will be added to next months’ bill. If you miss two payments in a row, your monthly payments will automatically be changed to half-yearly payments.

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